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Posted on: 03/06/2013   By: Jenny Eaton

It's always great to add a little humour, so here's a post I hope you'll like. I've seen many versions of this on a variety of blogs. I hope you'll forgive me but they are very funny and also very true! I couldn't resist sharing them with you ...

it's hard work being a genie, but it's also great fun!

it's hard work being a genie, but it's also great fun!

The Genies are a very tight-knit bunch and our office is often filled with fun, laughter and - of course - chocolate biscuits and plenty of tea. We're very serious about the work we do for our clients, but there's always room for some humour. So ... you know you work for a telephone call handling service when ...

  • You can recite a thirty-syllable answer phrase without blinking.

  • You've mastered the art of eating a sandwich in seven seconds between incoming calls, not to mention chocolates, biscuits and a variety of other snacks!

  • You've learned how to use the 'mute' button on your headset to effectively cover up a sneeze or coughing fit and return to the conversation completely composed.

  • A caller says, "Hi there" and you instantly know who they are, where they need a taxi to, and what time they'll return. You thank them humbly when they're taken aback by how much you remember.

  • You keep toothpaste, deodorant and snacks in the office during bad weather.

  • You constantly run into people you speak with on the telephone in real life and it's more exciting than meeting a celebrity. (If you doubt this then come along to The Office Genie Christmas Party and you'll soon find out it is true!)

  • You're buddies with operators from motor clubs, businesses, other answering services ... but not bill collectors or pushy sales people!

  • You know that a short stretch of silence is the "calm before the storm"; and you definitely know better than to comment on it ... it only tempts fate!!

  • You can effectively continue five different conversations as they bounce between operators, not to mention keep up with the office gossip even though it takes 3 hours to find out what Ginny did at the weekend!

  • A paper clip and a drawing pin are acceptable forms of entertainment. Bonus points if you re-enact the previous call using them. (Warning this can be dangerous and we recommend not trying it at home even if you have adult supervision!)

  • Your Messenger and Facebook conversations often include "ans svc" shorthand.

We love answering people's calls. Some days are frenetic but the variety of the calls makes each one special. Why not let The Office Genie work for you too? Allowing you to do what you do best ... run your business! For your week's free trial please give us call, you'll experience our call handling firsthand if you do!

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