Do You Want A More Motivated Workforce?

A lesson from the big boys at Google...


Research undertaken last month among London office workers has unearthed the truth about what employees want and need from their workplace. Some of the results were quite stunning, and many of the responses highlighted issues most business owners would never have thought about ...

If you want a motivated workforce, why not ask them what they want?

If you want a motivated workforce, why not ask them what they want?

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A company that created the ultimate working environment a good few years ago now, is none other than internet giant, Google. Google's workforce is known to be the most motivated in the world after employees voted it the best place to work - but why?

It's undeniable that Google wouldn't be able to provide its employees with great offices, free food and sleeping pods without its huge profit margins, but there are still many things small business owners can learn from Google about how to motivate their staff.

What the video above shows is truly innovative and genuinely fascinating. But did they create these offices just to keep their staff happy, or is there an ulterior motive? Being one of the smartest businesses in history, it comes as no surprise that Google has thoroughly thought through every quirk inside its offices.

"One of the biggest benefits to Google's employees is the free food!"

That's right! Free breakfast, free lunch, free snacks whenever they want, but Google didn't implement this just to be nice. Google knows that ideas are generated through conversation, and what else is there to do in a long canteen queue but converse with the people around you? Google claims that many of its best ideas have been created in the line to lunch.

Another incredible benefit of working in the Google offices is all of the different working environments on offer. Google have created workspaces for every type of worker.

There's private pods for individual work, quiet rooms, noisy rooms, group meeting rooms, and the stereotypical office environment with rows and rows of desks. Google's thinking behind the optional working areas is to make their employees feel at home and to eliminate diversity between the different teams by giving them communal areas to work in.

The differentiated and highly cultural offices clearly play a big part in the productivity of Google's employees, but would this work everywhere?

The London Office Worker Survey actually highlighted that 10% of workers wished that the décor of their offices was more colourful and fun. 27% also agreed that caffeine was the most important thing in their working day. So could you paint your office a different colour or give your staff free quality coffee?

"It's these little things that could make a huge difference to the output of your business!"

Here at Genie Heights, we have pink and purple walls throughout and it gives the Genies a more positive and bright start to the day - along with their caffeine fix of course!

So why not ask your staff what they'd like to change in their working day? Buy them breakfast or organise a team-building day, the chances are a few small changes could make a big difference.

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