Working From Home: Do You Live In A Not-Spot?

And how's your broadband?


We all love the idea of working from home, don't we? Fitting our office hours around the kids or the appeal of staying in our pyjamas for most of the day. But what if we live in a not-spot?

If you're working from home, then every enquiry must be answered! But what if you live in a not-spot or your broadband is slow? It can be quite frustrating ...

If you're working from home, then every enquiry must be answered! But what if you live in a not-spot or your broadband is slow? It can be quite frustrating ...

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You'd think that in 2017, we'd have full 4G mobile coverage wherever we are in the country and that our broadband would be quick enough to suit all of our needs, both business or personal.

"But it's not always like that is it?"

We would love to conduct Skype meetings with our team in high-definition, run VOIP telephones across our home broadband and Facetime our clients and customers to our heart's content.

But there are areas of the country where getting even 2Mb of broadband to your home is challenging and both 3G and 4G drop in and out all day, so we're constantly shouting "Can you hear me?" in frustration or wondering why the picture has just frozen in the middle of an important video call.

The Office Genie is here to help you with an important part of running your business from home, and that's magically ensuring you never miss a call!

Divert your phone to us after a few rings, and even if it never reaches your mobile due to signal problems, we'll take the call for you and send you an email with the caller's details and their enquiry. You can then respond at your leisure.

Remember, 80% of callers won't leave a voicemail, especially on an initial enquiry, so having our Genies answering every call makes sure that every message is emailed to you. If you want us to, we can send out marketing materials, answer enquiries about your products and services and even update your CRM database.

"There's nothing like a nicely warmed up lead is there?"

Even if both your mobile and broadband communications are excellent, there's always times when you can't answer your phone. In fact, if you're driving and do answer it, there's a good chance you'll get points on your license!

And what about when you're working from home, deep in thought, working on client projects or putting together that quote or proposal? Being disturbed by a call means that you've got at least 1/2 hour before you can get back into your mindset and continue working. Seems like a huge waste of time when you could simply not answer the phone and know that the call will be taken care of for you.

"So let The Office Genie sprinkle some magic into your business world!"

If you're working from home and getting frustrated with your mobile phone signal or the quality of your broadband, working with us makes great business sense. Call us on 01604 529170 or click here to send us an email enquiry and we'll be in touch as soon as we can.

Until next time ...



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