Working 9 Til 5 Ain't The Way To Make A Living!

How to increase productivity and reduce overheads ...


Both working from home and flexible working hours are becoming more and more popular in the UK as many businesses move away from the standard nine to five working day ...

Flexible working can drastically increase the morale and productivity of your employees!

Flexible working can drastically increase the morale and productivity of your employees!

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Flexible working allows employees to adapt their start and finish times to suit the needs of their lifestyle or work from home if preferred. It has become popular amongst parents and those that have long commutes to work each day.

Working from home, even if just for a couple of days a week, reduces the amount of time that is spent travelling and often increases the morale of the employee. Similarly, mothers or fathers that are able to work school hours often experience less stress and worry and are therefore more focused during the hours they do work.

Employees are eligible to make a statutory request for flexible working hours after working for a company for a minimum of 6.5 months. Following this, employers are required to deal with the request in a reasonable manner, meaning they must weigh up the advantages and disadvantages, hold a meeting with the employee or appeal the request.

"So what are the benefits of
flexible working?"

A recent study amongst London workers conducted by the CIPD revealed some insight into the subject. Seven out of 10 flexible London workers reported higher job satisfaction than those who do not work flexibly. 53% also reported a better work-life balance and 30% claimed to have reduced stress levels. You can read the full report here.

Reduced stress and higher job satisfaction often result in higher productivity levels, therefore, increased output from employees could massively boost the productivity of your business.

Flexible working isn’t only a benefit for employees; employers may see a reduction in sickness rates and could reduce their overheads. With more employees working from home it may be possible to downsize to a smaller office – or even move out of your office altogether.

Many blue chip companies such as Lindt and Johnson & Johnson have been implementing flexible working among their employees for a few years now. Between them, they offer their teams extended parental leave, long-service annual leave awards and buy and sell holiday time.

"There are so many different ways to implement flexible working within your business!"

Many of which could drastically increase the morale and productivity of your employees. It could be a couple of days from home each week, or even each month, or it could be tweaking start and finish times by just half an hour.

Speak to your staff and see if flexible work appeals to them and listen carefully to their requests. Bosses who understand the lifestyles of their employees often cultivate better relationships with them making them more likely to be flexible in return.

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