Why It's So Important To Have A Genie-us Plan

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As I'm sure you are aware, the Egyptian airport at Sharm El Sheikh is currently in complete uproar with over 20,000 Brits trying to make their way home. Many of these tourists have been patiently waiting to get back to the UK for over a week now, and it's fair to say that for those involved, it's a complete nightmare ...

It must be a nightmare for business owners stuck at Sharm El Sheikh airport!

It must be a nightmare for business owners stuck at Sharm El Sheikh airport!

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However, for the business owners among them, that nightmare will have turned into a full-blown horror movie as they wait anxiously in the hope that their business will still be up and running upon their return.

"There is nothing more frightening than being unable to control the destiny of your business!"

Although most business owners will have put the necessary preparations in place to ensure their business ticks over in their absence, few will have prepared for the unexpected. What if your delay causes your business to be short-staffed? What if you have an important presentation organised for just a few days after your return?

Now, I'm not saying that us Genies can do everything, but it's when situations like this occur that I begin to realise that we offer more than just support to our clients, we offer them security. We make it our responsibility to keep our clients' businesses alive when they are unable to, which means that we have to react to unexpected situations and go above and beyond. Something that we are more than happy to do.

Many of our short-term clients use our services to hold the fort whilst they enjoy a week or two away, giving them the luxury of being able to turn off their phone and completely switch off.

It got me to thinking that if one of our clients happened to get caught up in a situation like this, we would be able to help. Provided they were able to contact us and inform us of the situation, we would be able to take care of their business for that little bit longer.

Wouldn't that be a huge weight off your mind? It was for John and Denise at Apollo Blinds when they went away last month and got home a day later than planned ...

"Without The Office Genie, our holiday would not have been possible as we would have risked losing valuable business, but I was able to turn my phone off and not look at it for a whole week knowing that my business was being catered for.

Myself and Denise were very impressed on our return to see the end of day reports outlining the day's activities, including answering potential customers and also making appointments for us using our own diary system which was very helpful. So that we were not bogged down with endless calls or missed opportunities".

Rather than struggle with trying to get a signal, paying out hundreds of pounds to take calls internationally and relying on a mobile phone – our clients' own customers need not know about the situation and will be able to contact the business as usual.

After all, if you rang a British company, but got an international dialling tone, would you stay on the phone or would you hang up and call someone else?

We hope that a situation like the one in Egypt isn't something you'll ever have to experience for yourself, but it does highlight the importance of having secondary measures in place to cover the risk of damaging your business.

"Our short-term cover starts from just £50 a week, which is a small price to pay for such peace of mind!"

So if you've got a trip planned or are heading away for Christmas, why not give Genie Danielle a call on 01604 529170 and find out how we can provide the security you need to truly switch off and have that well deserved break!

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