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Why Call Answering Is Like A Screwdriver Cocktail

There's more variation than you think ...

Posted on: 30/01/2014   By: Jacqui Frost

Call Answering is just like the Screwdriver cocktail. It comes with a number of variations and a myriad of different names. It can be known as call handling, telephone answering, virtual reception, message taking, call answering, or by a whole host of synonyms ...

The classic Screwdriver cocktail is vodka and orange juice, but just like call answering, there's more variation than you think!

The classic Screwdriver cocktail is vodka and orange juice, but just like call answering, there's more variation than you think!

The names for call answering clearly come from a description of the core service offered and show some of the slight variations from company to company. Call handlers tend to do more than just take a message; they book appointments, pass out information and transfer calls to you to reduce the need for a call back.

Message takers will note down the name and number of the caller and possibly take a brief description of the enquiry. Virtual receptionists act as your office receptionist, directing calls to the right people and announcing them so you have the opportunity to refuse the call at that moment in time.

It really is just like the Screwdriver cocktail of which there are hundreds of variations. The standard screwdriver cocktail is 1 part vodka to 2 parts orange juice. If you add blue curacao and lemon and lime soda to the mix it becomes a Sonic Screwdriver! Replace the vodka with gin and you get a Left Handed Screwdriver. If you added brandy you would get a Rusty Screw.

The cocktail is thought to have come by its name after american engineers surreptitiously added vodka to small cans of orange juice which they then mixed with their screwdrivers!

Each Call Answering and Telephone Answering service is different. Some of them will do the work of a call handling firm and virtual receptionist, but some are simply message takers.

Here at The Office Genie we design our packages to suit your business needs. If a basic message is preferred then we will do that for you. For lots of our clients, we will book appointments, answer frequently answered questions and send the messages through to the relevant person rather than dumping it all on the business owner.

Let's be honest, there is nothing worse than being busy with a screwdriver or a drill or up to your elbows in shampoo when the phone rings, is there? The biggest problem is that if you stop what you're doing, the phone always stops ringing!

If you use an answerphone you only get 3 messages for every 10 calls as 70% of callers won't leave you a message. If they were ringing you for the first time then 8 out of 10 won't bother trying to call you back either, so you're going to lose a lot of business!

The best way is to think like an american engineer - you have to be a bit sneaky. Most call answering services will answer in your company name so the caller will assume they have reached your business. You'll get a higher number of messages left and, if you use our diary management service, we will fill your diary for you.

Do you often find yourself torn between finishing the task you are on and answering the telephone? Well, no more! Call us on 01604 529170 to talk to us about our call answering service because we help small business owners answer more calls and secure more business than they are ever able to manage on their own!

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