Why Answering The Phone Negatively Impacts Your Business

Put your hands-free up in the air ...


Over the past few months, there has been a debate about whether or not hands-free kits in cars should be made illegal. While there are strong arguments on both sides of the dispute, there's no denying that talking on the phone is distracting ...

Messing about with buttons certainly does cause you some major distraction, meaning your full attention is not focused on the road and what's going on around you.

Messing about with buttons certainly does cause you some major distraction, meaning your full attention is not focused on the road and what's going on around you.

You'll have heard me rant about multitasking before because we know that no one is ever at his or her most productive when trying to do two things at once. When you are on the road, that's a pretty big risk to take and if you're on a business call, that's a pretty significant risk for your business too!

There's nothing more frustrating than ringing someone, getting through, but then being unable to hear them clearly. It often makes you want to cut the call short, or even just hang up - and that's a position you never want your customers to be in as it definitely doesn't give off the right impression for your business. Remember ...

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression!"

There are very few situations where I would say that it's better not to answer the phone, but answering the phone while driving is definitely one of them. If you want your business to appear professional then talking to a prospect at 70mph on the motorway isn't the best idea.

I understand that many business owners work on the road and, therefore, feel that answering calls while driving is the only way to keep their business afloat, particularly sole traders.

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But it isn't - there's now a whole host of options you can choose from to ensure that your business runs smoothly without you being available to take calls every minute of the day and some are certainly better than others.

Nowadays, there are many call handling companies that are trained to professionally answer the phone in a friendly and approachable manner. Call handling companies can vary from offering very basic message taking to dealing with the entire enquiry for you so that you don't even have to call them back - much more effective than a voicemail I'm sure you'll agree!

Here at The Office Genie, we like to deal with the enquiry wherever we can. We get to know our clients' businesses and act as an extension of their team so the caller has no idea they are not speaking directly to them.

We answer FAQ's, book appointments and even do outbound appointment confirmations to save you the time of calling them back!

Using a call handling service like ours reduces the chance of you losing business. It really is as simple as that. The first conversation a prospect has with a business is where the relationship starts and if the first thing they hear is "Thank you for calling, I'm afraid we are unable to take your call at the moment, so please leave a message after the tone" then it'll probably be where the relationship ends too.

Not answering a call from a prospective customer just makes you seem too busy or too lazy to answer their call and nobody wants that to be the case. So use a call handling service that is truly 'hands-free' (and it's legal too). My Genies would love to help you.

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If you'd like more information about our call handling service, give Genie Danielle a call on 01604 529170 and I promise we'll answer!


Handsfree kits are already banned in many countries including Ireland and France, so if you do rely on answering your phone whilst driving, now might be a good time to look at your contingency plan.


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