Warning: Are You Making This Silly Business Mistake?

Why you could unknowingly be undermining your marketing efforts ...


I'm curious. What are you doing to find more customers? Customer acquisition (and retention) is a fundamental activity in which all business owners must engage. After all, if you're not making sales, how will you survive?

It's for this reason that marketing is high up the priority list for many businesses. But are you sure you're doing everything you can to close the sale? I bet you're not! You see I've spotted one marketing oversight that far too many intelligent business owners continue to make. Do you?

You're quitting far too early

Surprisingly, it's common practice for business owners to undermine the effectiveness of their own marketing campaigns. I've found that business owners invest a huge amount of effort up front:

  • They stay up late perfecting their message

  • They spend hours finding just the right image

  • They tweak the layout of the ad until it's just right

Now all of these tweaks and adjustments are necessary. After all, you want your message to stand out from your competition. With so much competing noise you need to ensure your marketing attracts attention and compels your target customer to take action and buy.

Did you slip up?

Once the ad is live, they make a fatal mistake. They don't answer their phones! Just think for a moment about the craziness of this decision. After investing all that time and budget creating an ad that actually works, the phone is left ringing when a customer wants to buy.

"If you don't answer your phone - EVERY TIME - you'll kill the return on your advertising spend!"

Sure, some customers will want your offer enough that they will ring back. But there's a fair chance that a lot of would-be buyers won't. In turn, your opportunity to close a new sale has evaporated.

But that's not all. Not only did you lose a sale, but you've also compromised your brand. When you don't pick up, you leave a negative impression because you create a dissatisfied customer who's left frustrated that they can't get what they want.

Can you see how poor Call Handling practices can have a negative impact on your business?

Make yourself available

Now I know this stuff isn't rocket science! But as a business owner who's serious about growing, it's all too easy to get distracted with the big picture strategy and forget about the basics. And that's why I feel so passionate about this message.

Slick Call Handling is fundamental to the success of your business - and that's why I encourage you to take a good look at the way you answer your inbound calls.

Get your Call Handling right and not only will you stand out from your competition, but you'll probably make more sales too - just because you did the simplest of things and answered your phone!

In comparison, if you continue to take a slack approach to your phone, you are making a costly mistake. I promise you. So how does your Call Handling stack up?

Here's a quick quiz:

  1. Do you always pick up your phone - every single time it rings?

  2. Do you answer promptly (within three to five rings) - or do you leave customers waiting?

  3. Do your callers always get to speak with a real person or do you rely on your answerphone?

If you answered 'yes' to all three questions, I'm impressed! It's great to see a business taking their customer responsibilities seriously. If you answered 'no' to any of these questions, you have a decision to make:

  1. You can continue as you are and make a conscious choice to lose sales and compromise your customer service, OR

  2. You can put measures in place to ensure you never miss a call again.

What's it to be? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time ...



If you don't have the inhouse resource to ensure you never miss a call, we can help. So if you're keen to make more sales and provide a quality service to your customers, let's chat about professional, outsourced Call Handling on 01604 529170.


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