Want To Know Which Christmas Ad Is The Best?

And why we care ...

POSTED BY ADAM FOX ON 17/11/2016 @ 8:00AM

In my email yesterday, I said this blog post would tell you which Christmas ad was the best. A lot of people would make you wait till the end, but I'm not going to because I'm honest, open and caring ...

I think that in 2016, the M&S Christmas ad is the best!

Yes, drama, suspense, action; the M&S advert had it all. It even had a political angle, but my mother always told me not to blog about religion or politics, so we'll save that. It was the best because it gave me little feel-good tears.

I'm not joking. Real men don't just wear their heart on their sleeve; they buy it presents, set it a place at the dinner table and tell it emotional bedtime stories.

Getting back on track. The Sainsbury's ad is the worst one. The John Lewis one has CGI animals that left me feeling detached and the Argos one is just weird. Waitrose is second best because it gave me goosebumps, but the M&S one is the best because I cried a bit. Ok. I know, you're yelling.

"Adam! Is everyone at The Office Genie crazy? That Christmas ad clearly wasn't the best one!"

We could both put our opinions forward until Easter and not resolve it and, actually, that's fine. That response is the important bauble to hang on your tree because that's the true meaning of Christmas adverts.

I watched the ads for Argos, John Lewis, Sainsburys, Waitrose and M&S in one go because who doesn't love Christmas ad season. With the exception of Argos, none of them advertised goods or services; they marketed the brand. It's an important distinction.

Forbes said the most valuable brands of 2016 are (in order) Apple, Google, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Toyota, IBM, Disney, McDonald's, General Electric, Samsung, Amazon, AT&T, BMW, Cisco, Oracle, Intel, Nike, Louis Vuitton and Mercedes-Benz

Take a few moments to go through the list and picture their adverts. How many of them are about the products, service or even just the price? When those do feature, they are a secondary concern of the advert. The adverts aren't about the feature the thing has or what it costs; they are about the emotional, 'human' benefits you receive.

Helpfully, the first one on the list is arguably the best at this kind of marketing. Do you remember when Apple ever advertised the features of a product or do you remember that Apple allows you to "Think Different"?

Actually, Apple do a Christmas ad. The combined runtime of the 2013, 2014 and 2015 ad is 4 minutes and 35 seconds. Not including the ever-present but barely-visible iPhone in the teenager's hand during the 2013 ad, an Apple product is on screen for 14 seconds. That's 5% of the time. Their brand is worth $154.1 billion according to Forbes. That's just the value of the brand; it doesn't include real estate or staff or manufacturing materials or goods in stock or anything else. Just the brand. $154.1 billion!

Obviously, this is just one element of marketing, but it's a powerful one. The true sustained value is in making an emotional, 'human' connection with customers. When we become emotionally invested in something it becomes a part of how we define our identity, of how we think about and value ourselves.

The reason we care which Christmas advert is the best is the same reason we care which brand, movie, song, sports team, book, media publication, food or anything else is the best; in short, we take it personally.

"The Office Genie also takes it personally!"

We understand how important that human connection is to your customers. That's why we provide a highly-trained, concentrated, personal team to answer whenever they call. If you'd like to find out more give us a call on 01604 529170 or ask us to call you.

So which Christmas ad is your favourite then?

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