Tomorrow Isn't Just A New Day, It's A New Year Too!

What Will You Achieve In 2016?


2015 has been a whirlwind year for us here at The Office Genie. We've faced challenges, overcome obstacles, but also achieved some truly fantastic things. As business owners we are used to the rollercoaster ride that we get on day in, day out, never quite knowing what the day ahead holds ...

Happy New Year everyone! Now what are you going to achieve in 2016?

Happy New Year everyone! Now what are you going to achieve in 2016?

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Sometimes that ride involves us going up and not coming down for quite some time, other times it's like spending hours and hours on the Dodgems; unfortunately, that's just the life of a business owner, isn't it? There are always going to be bumps, bruises and a number of surprises along the way, but when you achieve your goals, it makes it all worthwhile.

So what are you aiming to achieve in 2016? Up until about a month ago, I hadn't had the chance to even think about what I want out of the next year, but now that I have, I'm feeling ten times more confident about entering into it.

Business planning has never been something I take tremendous delight in, but this year I decided it was time to try a new approach. Rather than planning for the business, I planned for myself. I planned what I would like out of 2016 – a new car, some sunny holidays and a number of other aspirations.

"It's a technique that has been highly recommended to me, but one I've never before felt to try, but I'm so glad that I did!"

After writing my personal objectives, I worked out how much money I would need to achieve these goals – that's where the business comes in. My business plan was based on how much I needed to bring in, in order to get all of those things I wanted ... plus more of course!

The exercise gave me such clarity and I'm almost certain it's going to stop me procrastinating because every single minute of the day drives me closer to achieving those goals. Now that's some motivation!

I think many of us business owners have a tendency to get so busy running our business that we often forget why we started our businesses in the first place. What did you think of when you first opened? Spending more time with the family? Having more disposable income? Tons and tons of free time?

Unfortunately, that isn't often the case – business owners tend to work longer hours than most employees and often fail to reap the benefits. Not me, not this year. I'm more determined than ever. I have a great team with me I and can't wait to dive head first into 2016 – only one more day to go!

If you're thinking it's too late to plan your personal goals, it's not. It doesn't matter if you start tomorrow, or if you start six months from now, but the sooner you start, the sooner you'll be able to enjoy the true perks of being a business owner.

I've finally, ten years later, realised the importance of remembering why I decided to open my business and that's now what I think about every single day. It doesn't matter how many hurdles I have to jump, I knew that starting a business wouldn't be easy, but it is rewarding!

So take a look back today at all that you've achieved in your business!"

I bet there's more than you think and remember! Dont forget the Malcome Forbes quotation: "When you cease to dream you cease to live". Have a wonderful 2016 everyone!

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