Three 'No Brainer' Ways To Create More Time In Your Day

How you can find the time to focus on your high value work ...


When you're a business owner, time can be your enemy or your friend. Elongate the time you have and you can get more done; waste it and it's gone forever. So how can you complete more of the high value work only you can do?

Three 'No Brainer' Ways To Create More Time In Your Day

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Interestingly, it all starts with discernment. Let me explain ...

The quality of your choices determine your success

Make it your goal to be discerning when it comes to your time. By this I mean, have good judgement about what is and what ISN'T a good use of your working day. I bet your to-do list is pretty sizeable right now? As such, there will be a large number of items that will NEVER get done and this may - or may not be - a problem.

If those to-dos are 'nice to haves', it's unlikely your business will suffer. But if those items are business building, what impact will the neglect of those key items have in the not so distant future?

You can't magic more time into your day

Everyone has 1440 minutes to put to good use each day, so if you get to the end of the day and wonder what on earth you've been up to, it's time to give yourself a good talking to!

Whether it's procrastination, overwhelm, or a real lack of time because you're swamped, if you're not getting through your to-do list fast enough you NEED to take action.

Here are three "no brainers" to explore:

  1. Stop answering your phone

    The phone is a HUGE distraction that puts you at the whim of someone else's agenda. DON'T FALL FOR IT! Instead, divert your inbound calls to a professional Call Handling service. Not only will this free up your time, it will help your positioning too. If you're perceived as too accessible and available, clients will subconsciously question how good you really are!

  2. Use digital dictation

    Most people can speak faster than they can write. Also, many business owners find their message is more authentic if it's spoken. This is especially true if writing's NOT your comfort zone or if you automatically adopt an awkward, corporate tone when you write.

    Digital dictation can save you a HEAP of time. Simply speak your content (whether that's an email, a blog post, a memo, a letter, or just an idea) into a Dictaphone (or your smart phone) and get it typed up by a professional typist.

    The text you get back doesn't need to be the final version, but at least you'll have a solid first draft which you can tweak. What's more, if you persevere with this time-saving tool, you'll find your spoken word will become tighter and tighter until the point when the transcribed version is pretty much good to go.

    This service is usually charged by the audio minute. I think you'll be amazed at how many words you speak in a minute - and how much quicker this route is than writing from scratch.

  3. Diary management

    Have you ever calculated the time you waste faffing about with the day-to-day requirements of managing your diary? Don't spend your valuable time booking appointments and getting everything to fit. The amount of time you'll waste to-ing and fro-ing is unnecessary.

    Instead, find a trusted Virtual PA who can organise your diary on your behalf. From sales appointments to meetings with staff and key suppliers, just let your PA know what's required and they can take care of it. Your PA can even book accommodation and travel for you - that's something else you needn't concern yourself with.

    The result is you only need look at your online diary to discover where you need to be - safe in the knowledge that you'll never be double-booked. In turn, you can focus your attention to the high value, important work and avoid getting distracted by the less important, menial tasks that someone else can take care of.

Did you know that The Office Genie can help you maximise each of these no brainer ideas to free up your time? Just give us a shout if you want to know more on 01604 529170.

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