Thinking Of Recruiting With The GCSE Grading Changes?

The new grading scheme could confuse ...


Did you know that this summer, the grades of many subjects at GCSE level are changing? Instead of the customary, E-A* we're all used to, they'll be 1-9 from now on. This could confuse your recruitment process ...

If you're in the process of recruiting this summer, then maybe The Office Genie could help instead?

If you're in the process of recruiting this summer, then maybe The Office Genie could help instead?

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And this is counter-intuitive because the best possible grade you can get is a 9, with 1 being the worst. Of course, a 9 is supposed to be better than the existing A* so if you interview a candidate with 9s across all their subjects, you know you've got a very bright spark sitting in front of you.

"What this means for your recruiting is that you have yet another set of qualification to be aware of!"

You need to understand the relevance of the grades to each other. How does a GCSE 1 compare to GCSE B and GCSE 7? And that’s not even thinking about AS and A levels, BTEC, University degrees, Foundation degrees, HNCs and HNDs and Key Skills qualifications and the rest. Then there’s all the independent courses and training options available alongside that.

As if recruitment wasn’t tricky enough already? You don’t have the option to get it wrong. Watch the video below to get a good understanding of the new system and the the AQA website explains the changes further.

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