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The Virtual Assistant's Fight With The Hydra

How to tackle a to-do list effectively ...

Posted on: 04/09/2014   By: Jenny Eaton

I don't know about you, but I have returned from my holiday to find my inbox maxed out, my to-do list longer than ever and my list of deadlines getting ever closer! It's at times like this I am thankful I work for a company of Virtual Assistants ...

The Virtual Assistant's Fight With The Hydra

I'm having one of those weeks that feels like I've been fighting with The Hydra. For every task I complete it seems that two more appear in its place! My to-do list threatens to overwhelm me with all the things that I must get done before Friday this week.

"I am lucky that as a Genie I work in a team that will help me complete my tasks!"

As a team of Virtual Assistants we are used to helping each other and our clients to get jobs done. Whether they are time critical jobs or just jobs that are time consuming, we work to get them done for our clients.

When I first started delegating my to-do list, I found it difficult. But having learnt to let go and to recognise the benefit of having the job done by someone else whilst I get on with the next task, now I couldn't imagine not having access to other Genies when I get snowed under.

Here is a list of the jobs I have delegated recently:

  • Preparing marketing emails

  • Automating our emails

  • Updating our CRM

  • Making calls to confirm details in our database are accurate

  • Typing up my notes

  • Audio typing this blog and submitting it because my broadband is down

  • Gathering open rates for analysis

  • Preparing customer surveys

  • Sending out direct mail pieces

  • Preparing literature for an upcoming exhibition

  • Organising delivery for the freebies to giveaway at an exhibition

  • Sorting out accommodation for the exhibition

  • Researching blog topics

All of these are tasks that you could give to a Virtual Assistant. By delegating the tasks that you can, you find that you can reverse the hydra-like effect of your to-do list.

Because with a Virtual Assistant you can tackle two jobs from the list at a time. The virtual assistant also gives you focussed time, dedicated to your task with less interruptions so you find they are far more time efficient!

"As well as getting more tasks done at any given moment, you will also get through the tasks far quicker!"

If you dream of clearing all the tasks on your to-do list and it seems like a never ending task, then perhaps its time to consider a Virtual Assistant. Call us on 01604 529170 to find out how we can help.

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