The Electronic Leash: When Does Your Working Day End?

The downside of always being connected ...


With the ever increasing methods of communication, it's common practice for business owners and employees to spend time outside of their working hours replying to emails, answering calls and completing projects ...

If you're electronic leash keeps you working, when are you going to find time to rest and recharge?

If you're electronic leash keeps you working, when are you going to find time to rest and recharge?

Far more productive, you may think, than just working during office hours, but unfortunately studies have revealed that those who check their emails late into the night or early in the morning feel much more pressurised, increasing their stress levels and negatively impacting their home life.

The term 'electronic leash' is being used to describe workers that are having their lives colonised by messages and emails, some of whom are said to breakdown when work outside of work gets too much for them.

But, in a bid to change the rules of checking emails after clock off time, the French Government is hoping to give workers the legal 'right to disconnect' from work emails. You can read the full article here.

"However, nowadays, it's not just email communication we have to worry about!"

More and more of us are answering business calls in the evenings and spending hours doing admin in the time that should be spent relaxing with family and loved ones.

Staying on the electronic leash and not getting enough downtime can be exhausting and it can, in turn, lead to workers resenting the jobs they once loved. Unfortunately, the need to process sales quicker and meet deadlines has increased no end due to the instantaneous world we now live in, but it's important for both business owners and employees to understand the importance of taking time away from work to relax and refresh.

There are, of course, times when it is imperative that our phones and emails are left on for work purposes, but it shouldn't be a regular occurrence. We all need to get into the habit of turning off our phones when we leave the office, shutting down our emails and maybe putting on an automated email that explains you will reply to messages the following day.

"Another time that it is important to give yourself a break is when you go away on holiday!"

Taking the office home is one thing, but taking it on a plane and to the beach is something else! Giving yourself a break can actually increase your productivity as it's at those times when we're are most relaxed that we generate our best ideas and come back feeling raring to go!

So next time you hop off home, or jet somewhere sunny, try turning off your work phone, your laptop, tablet and whatever other communication tools you use. Disconnect from your electronic leash and I bet you'll feel fresher in the morning and that you'll get loads more done!

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