The Difference Between Call Handling And A Virtual Assistant

One builds upon the other ...


When people talk to The Office Genie for the first time, the assumption is that we're just another call handling service. Although that is our primary service, providing you a virtual assistant alongside was quite logical. But what's the difference?

Our virtual assistant service can help your business life run a whole lot smoother!

Our virtual assistant service can help your business life run a whole lot smoother!

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Well, firstly, let's define what call handling is It’s usually about taking the calls your business can’t. The call diverts from your phone to us, and we 'handle' it in the manner you request.

That sounds quite easy, doesn't it? Well, yes it is. We do that for hundreds of clients, day in day out, when they're unable to answer the phone themselves. Not just for individuals, but for entire companies who use us as an overflow when their reception is swamped or office extensions don't get answered.

"And now for the difference a virtual assistant can make!"

Instead of just taking a message and passing it on, what if we could actually help the caller instead? Now, that would be valuable wouldn't it? Here are some of the virtual assistant services we offer:

  • Book new caller appointments

  • Following up email enquiries

  • Co-ordinating team meetings

  • Booking travel and accommodation

  • Reminders of personal anniversaries

  • Research

  • CMS management

  • Transcription (long hand & audio)

  • Simple bookkeeping

  • Social media management

  • Mailshots (email & printed)

Some of our clients delegate to us all of the time and others just when they expect a lot of enquiries. We're particularly good at taking a call, answering questions about your product or service then booking initial appointments for our clients to go meet the caller.

"Of course, the quality of what we do is based on the quality of the information you give us!"

Clients who use our virtual assistant services usually trust us to connect to their cloud storage and social media accounts so we can maximise the value of what we do for them.If you’re using a cloud-based calendar, like Google, Cliniko or Phorest (among others) provide then we can even book appointments for you!

So whatever you need, The Office Genie can help you. Just need a call handling service to take messages? Yes, we've got you covered! But when you need anything extra we're there to virtually assist you too, just ask!

Why not call us on 01604 529171 or click here to send us an email enquiry. You can also visit our website to find out more about our call handling services and how we can become your virtual assistant as well.

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