The Benefits Of Using A Telephone Call Handling Service

More time, less stress, happy customers ...


Telephone call handling may not be the most exciting or glamorous topic, but it is still a worthwhile conversation. While we're all business people, we're customers too ...

If you are swamped with calls why not use a telephone call handling service like ours?

If you are swamped with calls why not use a telephone call handling service like ours?

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We buy products and services just as those we sell to do, and often for the same basic reasons. It's useful to try to consider the service you provide from a pure customer perspective i.e. without the assumptions and internal knowledge we possess.

Calling a company only to find that there is no one available to take your call is a special kind of frustrating. Voicemail doesn't cut it in the business world, people simply hang up, dial the next business on their list and spend their money elsewhere.

How, when and who answers your business calls plays a crucial role in determining the reputation of your business. No consumer wants to be spoken to by someone who is rude, unhelpful and desperate to get off the phone. Rather, they want someone who is friendly yet professional, helpful not fawning, efficient, but able to give you as much time as you want.

Using the right telephone call handling service can instantly improve your customer service, simply by ensuring the phone is always answered and is done so politely and professionally. A call handling service will improve your customer's opinion and the more satisfied the customer, the happier the business owner.

"But, could a telephone call handling service do more for you?"

Well, whether you're struggling for time to complete your to-do list (which most business owners are), or you're currently stuck in the awful cycle that involves you working in your business to convert and retain clients, leaving you with no time to work on it, a call handling service can help!

If you need uninterrupted time to get vital business tasks done, working without the distraction of a phone is a great benefit! If you don't think phone calls are a distraction, did you know, it'll take you at least twenty minutes to get back on task after being distracted by a phone call?

Furthermore, if you ever feel stressed about certain particulars - such as going on holiday or during busy periods – the best call handling service can be used on a short-term or contracted basis. That means you can take a break or serve more customers without worrying about a missed call again.

Even if you're a one-person band who can handle everything, eventually you'll need to nip to the toilet and you know that'll be when your dream customer calls. Having the option to divert your calls might just be that safety net; it's peace of mind.

By improving your customer service, making the most of your time and eliminating stress and worry, the chances are that your customer acquisition and customer retention rates will improve. Not only growing your business, but growing your profit margin too.

"And who would turn their nose up at a few extra £££ in the bank?"

So whether you just need a few days phone cover, if you often find it difficult to answer your calls and do your job, or you just spend hours playing telephone tag, perhaps it's time to consider using a telephone call handling service like ours?

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