The 12 Genies Of Christmas: Merry Christmas Everyone!

Getting to know a bit more about the team ...


It's Christmas tomorrow! Can you believe it? It's come around so fast. It's always at this time of year that makes me look back over the trials, tribulations, challenges and achievements that we've had over the last twelve months ...

From all the Genies, we wish you a big sparkly, Merry Christmas!

From all the Genies, we wish you a big sparkly, Merry Christmas!

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2015 has been a big year for us here at The Office Genie as we have moved into our biggest office to date and extended our team even further than anticipated, not to mention celebrated our tenth business birthday.

"It was always my ambition to have a team of ten Genies by the time we reached our tenth birthday!"

I'm so glad to say that I did not only meet that goal, I exceeded it! We now have a team of twelve wonderful Genies (including myself), so I thought now might be a fitting time to introduce you all to my current team - the twelve Genies of Christmas!

Let's start with our front of house team, they are our operations - answering the phone, handling enquiries and booking appointments for our clients in their friendly, happy and caring manner - here's a bit about our Phone Genies:

  1. Mo

    Mo or 'Mummy Mo' as she's better known around the office is our longest serving Genie. She's looking forward to spending Christmas at her daughters for the very first time, giving her a year off from the cooking!

    Mo would like for Christmas: A cure for cancer (this is something very close to Mo's heart and we'd like to wish for the same).

  2. Amy

    Amy recently joined the team after moving to Northampton from Wales. Her Welsh accent and infectious smile keeps the whole team sparkling and in fits of laughter. She's spending her Christmas here in Northampton for the very first time so we do hope she enjoys it!

    Amy would like for Christmas: A puppy!

  3. Antar

    Antar is currently our only male Genie so hats off to him for putting up with the girly chats and discussions about the latest chick flicks and reality shows! He's a bit of a scrooge when it comes to Christmas, but he is looking forward to the Christmas crackers - it's been his favourite part of the festive season ever since he was little.

    Antar would like for Christmas: Just a Christmas cracker will do!

  4. Leah

    Some of you may remember Leah who used to work for us six years ago and has recently re-joined the team on a part-time basis, whilst also running her own wedding hire business. Her favourite thing about Christmas is food, drink & family - in that order too!

    Leah would like for Christmas: A full body massage!

  5. Jo

    Jo joined the team just under two months ago and has settled in a treat! It might be because she's brought with her a huge box of goodies that we all tend to help ourselves to! She can't wait for turkey and all the trimmings on Christmas day - it doesn't taste the same any other day of the year!

    Jo would like for Christmas: A new man to cuddle up by the fire with, aww!

  6. Sazza

    Sazza is our Saturday Genie! Devoting one day of her weekend to look after our 24/7 clients and leaving her husband and kids to fend for themselves! She's excited to be able to spend Christmas with her family and loves seeing her little ones faces light up when they open their presents from Santa!

    Sazza would like for Christmas: A size 12 body.... Or a cake mixer!

  7. Julie - Head Of Client Experience and Training Genie

    Julie is our newest Genie and joined us a little over a week ago. She's dived head first into the magical world at Genie Heights and even joined in singing in our Genie Christmas message on her very first day! She's spending her Christmas cooking and pampering her family.

    Julie would like for Christmas: Something expensive from the jewellery shop!

  8. Danielle - Head Of New Business Genie

    Danielle handles all of our new enquiries and is most definitely the loudest in the office! She loves Christmas as she gets to have some well-deserved time off work to spend with her son visiting Santa and doing all sorts of festive activities!

    Danielle would like for Christmas: A Louis Vuitton handbag and matching purse!

  9. Sarah - PA To Chief Genie

    Sarah is my PA and is the first person you see upon entry into Genie Heights. Her beaming smile is sure to make you feel welcomed and she's the go to girl when looking for anything in the office. Sarah's favourite thing about Christmas is chocolate and plenty of it!

    Sarah would like for Christmas: A day without cooking!

  10. Shannon - Assistant Marketing Genie

    Shannon is our apprentice and joined us just over one month ago and has loved settling into life at Genie Heights. She loves spending time with her family at Christmas, all sitting around the table laughing and joking and generally enjoying the festive fun!

    Shannon would like for Christmas: A trip to New York!

  11. Charlotte - Head Of Marketing Genie

    Charlotte graduated from Leeds Beckett University in May and has been with us ever-since! Christmas is her favourite time of the year because her birthday is just five days later - the celebrations usually last a week or so and she gets double presents!

    Charlotte would like for Christmas: Some pearl earrings!

  12. And then of course there's me: Jacqui - Chief Genie

    I founded The Office Genie in 2005 and have loved every minute of building and growing the business. My team of Genies are so lovely to work with and do the business proud day in, day out. I'm looking forward to some well-deserved time off over the Christmas period and spending some quality time with my family and loved ones.

    Jacqui would like for Christmas: A fantastic 2016 for the business and to build on the successes of this year.

So there you have it - the twelve Genies of Christmas, but unfortunately, no partridge in a pear tree! I really hope that you enjoyed getting to know a bit more about the team and from all of us here at Genie Heights - we wish you a big sparkly, Merry Christmas!

Until next time ...



More about Jacqui Frost ...


I had a successful 20-year career as an office manager and personal assistant; however, my job was no longer focused on the customers and became all about the numbers. My customer-focused background began when I was 12 in my father's independent carpet showroom. I had a spell with Marks & Spencer before I moved into office-based jobs. I have worked as a training administrator, a PA and PA/office manager in a variety of industries from manufacturing to the IT education sector.

Meanwhile, my husband Ian, a successful Northampton based Master Decorator and owner of Rainbow Frost, was losing out on work due to missed phone calls. When he was busy, callers were getting his voicemail but weren't leaving messages. I knew how to fix that problem!

I quit my job and took on Ian as the first client of The Office Genie in November 2005. Word quickly spread with the second client coming on board just one week later. The majority of our clients since have come to us through word of mouth recommendations and networking referrals. Over the years, I have become well connected in Northampton and Milton Keynes.

Outside of work I enjoy swimming, roller skating, the theatre and my cats and dogs!


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