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Do you want to enjoy your holiday?

Then let the genies cover for you ...

Posted on: 04/04/2013   By: Jenny Eaton

Perhaps its because I am on holiday but we have a sand theme to this weeks blog. Perhaps you are dreaming of lying on the beach! As a business owner I know how important downtime is, but I also know that taking your work away with you doesn't give you the opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself, does it?

shouldn't you be relaxing rather than working?

shouldn't you be relaxing rather than working?

Here are five reasons to switch your phones to a Virtual PA or Telephone Answering Service during the holiday season, and ensure that you come back chilled and refreshed:

  • Better to have us answer the call than drop your shiny new iPhone to the bottom of the swimming pool or work out how to hide it in your bikini whilst strolling along the sand!

  • Every call will be answered by us in Business Hours, rather than wake you on the other side of the world in the middle of the night!

  • Anything urgent can still be emailed, text or called through to you. But the day to day stuff doesn't need to infringe on your downtime or quality family time!

  • Compared with losing that big client or missing the deadline for your largest contract to date, the cost for a week or a fortnights holiday cover is actually quite small.

  • However you choose to spend your holiday, you have no need to worry about being in constant contact. Go scuba diving, climb a mountain or top up your tan on the beach. You can be carefree whilst we take all your calls.

There is no need for you to think of a week away as a week losing money or a week of wasted time. By switching your calls to The Office Genie you'll come back from your trip refreshed and ready to take on new challenges, knowing that your business has been safe hands and ticking over whilst you were away.

And how great will that feel?

Until next time ...


More about Jenny Eaton ...


I love playing with words and I have dreamed of being a writer since I was a child. With a romantic idea of scribbling away in a cold attic room with my trusty fountain pen. I have always dabbled, but until now it’s not come to much.

When I started with The Office Genie it was to provide me with a part time income to support my writing. Over time though I have developed into the Marketing Genie on a full time basis. I love it, I get to play with words all day as I try to share the dream and the passion that Jacqui has turned into The Office Genie. My work involves blogging, letter writing, email writing, web copy writing, e-book writing, campaign planning, strategy planning, social media interactions – it’s like I write and talk all day every day, my parent would say it’s the ideal job for me!

My first blog posts were about my day to day life as a Genie but they are growing into sharing my view of the business world. I am passionate about helping small businesses be the best that they can be, standing out from their competition in the small things that come together to give an impression of great service – to find out how we can help you should call me on the number below.


+44 (0) 1604 529170


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