Telephone Call Handling: Short Term Cover For Your Holidays

It's that time of year again ...


As a small business owner or solo entrepreneur, you really don't want to take your phone on holiday, do you? You want to relax so you need a telephone call handling service ...

Let us do your telephone call handling while you're on holiday and you can just relax!

Let us do your telephone call handling while you're on holiday and you can just relax!

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Depending on where you go, roaming charges can be astronomical, wifi can be intermittent and don't even think about the timezone difference! Do you really want to be returning calls at 3am because where you're staying is so far ahead of the UK?

"I know I wouldn't want that. I'd want to relax!"

You deserve your holiday, don't you? You want to drink cocktails by the pool, bury your feet in the warm sand, relax in a shady hammock or even splash your giggling kids in a warm ocean. And you want to switch your phone off too.

So here's a great solution for you. Let The Office Genie cover your phones when you're on holiday. You can relax knowing that every call will be answered in your business name, every message taken and emailed to you and we'll even let the caller know when you're expected to return and when you can call them back.

That's right, it's our short-term telephone call handling service and it's just what you needs. It's holiday cover if you'd like, and it starts at just £10 per day. That means we'll take up to four messages per day for you, so if you have a ten day holiday, then you can get up to 40 messages.

And don't forget that The Office Genie also offers virtual assistant services. Do you need marketing materials sending out? How about us updating your CMS? Have payments taken? Email enquiries responded to? Maybe we can even book appointments for you so you can hit the ground running on your return from holiday? We do charge extra for that, but of course it's always great value for money.

"Whatever you need, The Office Genie can help you!"

So don't leave your business in the hands of your voicemail, or worse, in the care of cowboy message takers, the genies are here for you.

Call us on 01604 529170 to find out more about our telephone call handling service, or click here to send us an email enquiry and we'll be in touch as soon as we can. We'll sprinkle some magic for you and you just relax ... your business is in safe hands with us.

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