Telephone Call Handling - Part Two: The Virtual Receptionist

Going beyond normal call handling ...


A huge variety of companies, from a whole host of industries, are signed up to use a telephone call handling service, however, often their reasons for using the service differ greatly ...

A virtual receptionist can make you look like a much bigger company!

A virtual receptionist can make you look like a much bigger company!

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You see, some use a telephone call handling service simply to ensure that all of their leads are captured, some want to have guaranteed quiet time to focus on developing their business, whilst others want to give the perception that they are a larger company.

Last week I wrote about basic message taking, the very bare bones of telephone call handling. This week, I wanted to share a bit more information about the benefits of using a virtual receptionist service.

A virtual receptionist is a great way to ensure all of your calls are handled professionally and directed to the correct team member, without having to pay out a large receptionist salary each month.

What's more, with a call handling service, you get the luxury of more than just one virtual receptionist answering your phone, meaning that even when one is on the phone, you're not going to miss any incoming calls and your clients never have to hear the engaged tone!

Just as a usual receptionist would, they act as a gatekeeper, weeding out sales calls and directing the right call to the right employee. A virtual receptionist is able to take an incoming call, determine who the caller needs to speak with and announce then transfer the call to the correct line, just as if they were sat in your office!

Knowing more information about your company and the answers to your FAQ's allows the receptionist to handle calls as opposed to simply answering them.

To fully utilise a virtual receptionist service you need to ensure that you provide them with as much information as you would like an in-house receptionist to know, including things like when you're away on holiday, what meetings you have that day and an overview of what's going on within the business.

"The virtual receptionist service is popular for businesses looking to present themselves as a larger company!"

Larger companies often appear more credible, particularly in the more professional industries, so it's a great way to build up your client base whilst adding to your professional reputation.

That being said, one of our biggest clients has a team of over 30 employees, including an in-house receptionist, however, they still use us for their overflow calls and we take around thirty calls a day for them! It just goes to show the benefits of having more than one person available to answer your phone!

So, if you could do with capturing all of your incoming calls, being perceived as a larger business or taking on a virtual receptionist, why not consider a call handling service like The Office Genie?

It usually works out considerably cheaper than a full-time receptionist and you'll never have to worry that clients will be unable to get through when they call you on the phone.

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Of course, this isn't all that a call handling service can offer, but more on that next week!


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