Telephone Call Handling - Part One: The Basic Message

It's more than just saying hello ...


Believe it or not, there is a lot more to telephone call handling than just basic message taking. Over the next few blog posts, I'm hoping to show you the different levels of support a telephone call handling service can offer you and the benefits it can have for your business ...

There's a lot more to telephone call handling than just saying hello!

There's a lot more to telephone call handling than just saying hello!

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Before telephone 'call handling' even comes into play, there's telephone 'call answering' and yes there's a huge difference! You see call answering is just that, the phone is answered, and the conversation is had, but at the time, it goes no further.

With a call answering package you are required to return the call at a time that suits you, but the call cannot simply be ignored (unless you choose to)!

"Ensuring all your calls are answered is a benefit within itself!"

We all know how frustrating it is when you get the engaged tone or have to leave an answerphone message. It's even worse that 80% of people that reach a voicemail message don't actually leave one, meaning you might not even know they've called!

With basic message taking your customers are always going to be able to speak with a friendly, human voice, representing your company in a professional manner.

Being accessible is a highly attractive attribute to both new and existing customers because, in today's competitive marketplace, those who feel no loyalty to you will simply move onto a competitor should they be unable to reach you.

Furthermore, most call handling services will allow you to personalise the way in which your call is answered. Having it answered in your business name, the same way it would be answered in your office, leaves no way to distinguish that it isn't a member of your team picking up the call.

A basic message will usually include a name, number and short note. The call will be cut to a minimum time and the call handler may inform the caller that they are just picking up messages if they continue to ask further questions. Ensuring the personal information is captured allows you to return the calls and therefore handle new enquiries and not miss out on new business.

"It's certainly better than missing the call altogether, though there's much more that you can do ..."

So, as the answerphone dies out, signing up for basic message taking is a huge step in the right direction for any business, however, the services a telephone call handling company can offer you can go far beyond that.

More on that next time ...

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