Telephone Call Handling - The Final Part: Virtual PA Services

The employee that never calls in sick ...


So by now, I hope you'll have read all about telephone call handling and the benefits it can offer you and your business. Therefore it's time to turn your attention to something slightly different ...

Your Virtual PA can be anywhere in the world, but choose the right one to work with!

Your Virtual PA can be anywhere in the world, but choose the right one to work with!

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These are the services of a Virtual PA, to be used when you need some skilled secretarial work doing, but don't want to hire an expensive employee or a temp!

"The great thing is you don't have to pay them a salary!"

Other great benefits are they'll never call in sick or ask for holiday pay, plus they won't use up space in your office, drink your tea and eat your biscuits!

Nowadays, there is an exhaustive list of services that any Virtual PA can offer. Here at The Office Genie, we specialise in audio typing, copy typing, mailshots and the day to day administrative tasks that an in-house PA would do. A Virtual PA is an excellent way to cover staff holiday or to relieve pressure from in-house employees during busy periods.

Our audio and copy typing services ensure that you never have to spend your valuable time writing up meeting notes, memos or reports. All of our documents are spell-checked, grammar-checked and professionally laid out so that your papers are returned ready for you to use.

Our mailshot service can save you and your employees a lot of time when it comes to sending out direct mail to generate leads. We can proofread, print, stuff and send your campaign and ensure it is seamless from start to finish.

"We can even tidy your database for you!"

Each day, a little bit more of the offline world is being moved online, which is fantastic because it means we no longer have geographical constraints on where we can source expertise and resources. That means that you can work with a Virtual PA anywhere you choose, however it's important to make sure they are the right choice for your company.

When selecting a Virtual PA you need to be careful about whom you decide to work with. After all, this person could be spending much of their day liaising with your clients and representing your business, so it's important that you feel you can work together and have a mutual understanding of what is expected.

Just as with telephone call handling, it is imperative that you have good communication with your Virtual PA. They need to understand clearly the tasks you are asking them to do and be kept up to date with changes and alterations within your business, just as an employee would.

"The great thing about using a Virtual PA is that you only need to pay them for the time they spend on the tasks you want doing!"

You determine how many hours they are going to work (for you anyway!) and therefore you don't have to spend time finding tasks to fill their day. In comparison to hiring an employee, you also reduce the costs of training fees and employee overheads.

So if you ever find yourself in need of some secretarial support or need to bridge a gap whilst your PA is on holiday, on maternity leave or whilst you recruit, perhaps consider using a Virtual PA.

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No matter how big or small the job, outsourcing it might just make your day that little bit easier!


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