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Telephone Answering Is Like Singing In The Rain

No matter how grey the day, you just need to smile ...

Posted on: 27/03/2014   By: Jacqui Frost

What emotion would you like your telephone answering service to convey? Are you looking for cold, clinical and professional or maybe something a little more cheery? Singing in the rain perhaps?

Even if you weren't looking for your telephone answering to match the singing in the rain style, it is important to remain positive!

Even if you weren't looking for your telephone answering to match the singing in the rain style, it is important to remain positive!

Over the last few grey, dreary, wet months I think everyone has been feeling a bit bleurgh - but it's important not to share that with your clients, isn't it? Smiling whilst you answer the phone makes all the difference!

"Even a professional approach can be bright and interested rather than sounding bored, as if you are going through the motions!"

This week I am going to share Selena's thoughts on being a Genie. Over the last three years she has really learnt how to put everything else aside so she can provide bright and caring telephone answering for our clients.

I have been with The Office Genie now for over 3 years. I started off as part of the telephone answering team, taking calls every day and then as my time progressed I was given more responsibility, helping Jenny with day to day admin jobs (she is a hard task master!).

Every day I help 'share the blog love' with other bloggers in the sblogit.com network and on Thursdays I share out The Office Genie blog as well. I have also taken on the role of programmer so that when new clients join us, or a previous client returns for holiday cover, I can programme our telephone answering system ready to take their calls.

I would like to think that as time has passed, the calls have got easier in a way. The more I know about our clients, the easier it is to answer their calls, although there are definitely times when I am tested and do my best to sound like I know what I am talking about!

For example, if someone asks me about a COT3 agreement or maybe even a lifting plan, I do my best to answer the questions and get the help they need without them realising I am not in that particular office and fluffing my way through it (in a professional way of course!).

There have been times I have taken brilliant calls from little old ladies needing some help in their homes, or people wanting new blinds for their conservatories. Then there have been some calls that are more difficult - mainly the dreaded sales calls! Sometimes, it is hard to remain calm and not let angry callers get to you by not taking it personally - we are only human after all!

"We rise above it, smile and deal with the next call as if it were the first call of the day!"

During my time here with the Genies, I have 'finally' learnt (most of the time) not to take things to heart, to stay relaxed and to focus on the positive things during any difficult situation at work and home!

It has been a hard slog and I have definitely had a roller coaster of a ride with some major things to work through at home. I wouldn't have done it without the support of Jacqui and the rest of the Genies!

If you have ever worried that using a telephone answering service might make you sound less personal, or the operators might be unable to match your personality, then give me a call today on 01604 529170. All of our Genies are real people and our conversational style means we are able to sound interested, no matter what the subject matter!

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