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Telephone Answering Is Like A Long Island Iced Tea

How to work appearances in your favour ...

Posted on: 23/01/2014   By: Jenny Eaton

Appearances can be deceptive. We often make snap judgements on how things appear to us. Telephone answering and the Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail are similar in that respect - they are not all that they seem to be ...

Callers perceive the telephone answering service to actually be part of your business. So like a Long Island Iced Tea, appearances can be deceptive!

Callers perceive the telephone answering service to actually be part of your business. So like a Long Island Iced Tea, appearances can be deceptive!

The Long Island Iced Tea is named for how it looks. It is very similar in appearance to the non-alcoholic Iced Tea - but with vodka, gin, tequila and rum it couldn't be more different! The appearance is so deceptive that I do know of people getting the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks confused when they are served in similar glasses. At least until you take a sip!

The joy (so I am told, by an American friend - I have personally never tried it!) is that you can sit at a working lunch without anyone knowing you are drinking an alcoholic drink. The image you send to those you are meeting, particularly your boss, is that you are taking it seriously remaining sober and focused. But you don't need to feel you are missing out on the drinking at lunch!

Telephone answering works in a similar way. Companies can use a telephone answering service to appear bigger or smaller than they are. If you are a small business with only one or two employees, then a telephone answering service can appear as your office staff/receptionists and help you look much bigger. This is great for inspiring confidence when you are putting in tenders for larger corporations who will be concerned if they find you are so small that you cannot meet their needs!

On the flip side, you can seem smaller and more personal if you use an answering service rather than a large phone system with a thousand options each ending in a voicemail. Your clients feel much happier reaching your PA and leaving a message with them than with a machine.

"There is something extremely reassuring about leaving a message with an actual person. A telephone answering service can make sure this happens for you."

The other important thing relates to image! If someone answers the phone and can tell you that the person you are calling is with a client, it sends a number of different messages!

  1. When you are with them they will get your undivided attention. This is a big selling point for a client in terms of those small things that make up a fantastic customer service experience;

  2. It makes you seem busier than you might actually be, which has two benefits:

    1. it gives you implied credibility and recommendation - other people are using you so you must be worth a try. You shouldn't underestimate the impact of this, particularly when it is backed up by your timely call backs; and

    2. it signals to your clients that they should not expect instant access. They are not your only client and you are not able to drop everything every time they call to answer the smallest of questions at their every whim.

Could your business benefit from implied credibility as well as removing you from being instantly available to every single client? Then call us now on 01604 529170 to find out about our telephone answering service. We help hundreds of businesses every year make the most of their time and manage their existing and prospective clients effectively.

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