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Telephone Answering: Do You Want To Be A Suitcase Entrepreneur?

Four things you're going to need ...

Posted on: 28/08/2014   By: Jacqui Frost

Have you read The Suitcase Entrepreneur? It fits very much with the idea of an entrepreneur living a jet-setting lifestyle. Now, we know that the big names Branson, Bannatyne, Jones and Sugar probably do live like this, but what about the smaller entrepreneurs like you and me? Well, with a little help from a telephone answering service you could live like that too ...

Telephone Answering: Do You Want To Be A Suitcase Entrepreneur?

In her book, Natalie Sisson explains how you can run a business without a fixed address. Using her own experience she shares some useful thoughts on what is important when running your own business from a suitcase.

I think that the essential four things - a laptop/tablet/smartphone, a good Internet connection, a sound business idea and the right mindset - are applicable to any business, if I am honest.

Let's look at each of these in turn relating them to Telephone Answering :

  1. A laptop, tablet or smartphone

    It is crucial for us that any business owner we work with is able to retrieve their messages and respond to their callers. I cannot imagine anyone running their business without a computer of some kind.

    Now, because Natalie is living out of her suitcase, she probably has some ideas about which laptop you should have (a thin, lightweight one is an obvious choice). For me though, I think it is more important that whatever you use allows you access to files, diaries, your accounts records and your bank accounts which are all crucial factors in running a business.

    Of course email is the crucial thing for the telephone answering service to get you your messages whilst you are on the other side of the world.

  2. A good Internet connection

    It is very hard to run a business without an Internet connection these days. I know that a number of our clients have booked holidays believing that nothing will change whilst they are away as they will access their emails and action accordingly.

    Their frustration was evident on their return when they admitted to us that they did not receive any of the messages we had taken for them as they had been unable to get online. This is tricky for a telephone answering service to handle, as customers are expecting a response and do not receive one promptly.

    So, I would certainly agree with Natalie; an Internet connection is crucial for running a business.

  3. A sound business idea

    It seems to me that Natalie has these in the wrong order. Surely, a sound business idea should be the first thing when it comes to running a business? More importantly for people involved in your business, whether employed by you directly or working in an outsource capacity - like our telephone answering service - everyone should have an idea about what you do, how you do it and what difference it can make to your clients.

    Sometimes our clients find it strange that we want to know all about their business, but it helps us provide good effective telephone answering if we know how the business will help the caller.

  4. The right mindset

    I think this is crucial. Especially if you are going to run your business away from home. I think one of the biggest challenges we face in telephone answering is helping new clients understand that we may not always do things the way they have always been done.

    We will though, do the best that we can with the information provided to help both the caller on the phone and the business owner to achieve what they wish to achieve. Some business owners find it difficult micro-managing over long distance - one of the most important lessons they need to learn is that in order to grow they have to let go a little and learn to delegate.

So whether you are planning the trip of a lifetime, wanting to emigrate or would just like to spend more time away from the office sunning yourself, a true suitcase entrepreneur needs a telephone answering service to ease the burden.

To talk more about how we can help you live that jet set lifestyle, call us on 01604 529170 or click here to ping over an email and we'll call you back.

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