Supporting Stress Awareness Month

Reducing stress in the workplace ...


Since 1992, every April has seen healthcare professionals and counsellors join together to raise awareness of the effects of stress and anxiety for Stress Awareness Month ...

Support Stress Awareness Month and help reduce stress in the workplace!

Support Stress Awareness Month and help reduce stress in the workplace!

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Of course, there are many different reasons for a person's stress levels to increase, whether in their personal or professional life. Continuously high stress levels can cause anxiety and depression.

"And that's just your mental health. Imagine what it does to you physically!"

Shockingly, research has revealed that around 1,380 in every 100,000 professionals suffer from work related stress, spending late nights in the office and living on a diet of coffee and energy drinks.

Lack of sleep is common amongst high-level professional workers with most only averaging just five or six hours of sleep a night. However, the optimum amount of sleep which is said to increase productivity, happiness and length of life is seven and a half hours per night.

As an employer you should strive to keep the lives of your employees as stress-free as possible, whilst also doing the same for yourself.

It's important that no one person takes on too much responsibility, something that proves difficult for business owners as they are ultimately responsible for everything that happens within their organisation.

Calculating your working capacity can eliminate overloading yourself, so keep close tabs on what you have on your to do list and only agree to take on extra tasks if it's possible to complete them without it affecting your primary work.

Workplace bullying and mistreatment of staff is one of the most common reasons for stress at work. Many companies have implemented a Freephone helpline where employees can speak to someone in confidence about the problems they are facing, whether personal or professional.

Having an open door policy where staff are able to come to you or a superior directly with their problems often makes employees feel more inclined to share their worries with you, giving you an opportunity to resolve them where possible.

Also, consider the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), an organisation dedicated to helping those who are suffering from stress in the workplace. Having their details displayed around the office may offer your staff the support they need, that they are able to contact in confidence and with complete anonymity.

"Increasing the support you provide your employees on a day-to-day basis may also decrease their stress levels!"

If you work in a fast-paced industry that requires high levels of client interaction and mountains of paperwork, then perhaps consider outsourcing some of the simpler tasks. This leaves your employees focused solely on the task in front and allows them to do their job to the best of their ability, boosting their confidence and potentially increasing their happiness.

As an employee, it's also important to take note of your own physical and mental well-being. If you find yourself feeling sleepy, anxious, irritated or depressed, it may be time to make some small, but positive lifestyle changes. Little things like taking some gentle exercise, getting more sleep and eating the right foods can lift your mood and reduce stress, increasing your confidence in performing your job to the highest possible standard.

Overall there are many things that you as an employer and your employees can do to ensure that stress in the workplace is not going to inhibit them from doing their job. You need your workers to remain focused, composed and untroubled to get the most from them.

"Support Stress Awareness Month!"

We at The Office Genie support it and we will continue to support all that is being done to promote the prevention of stress in the workplace so have a happy and productive day!

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