Stop Fooling Yourself With This Big Business Lie

How your next holiday will be far more enjoyable when you do ...


Why did YOU start your business in the first place? I find this question very grounding. With so much happening on a day-to-day basis, it's easy to forget the hopes and dreams you had when you first started out ...

If you're like the majority of the business owners I know, I bet a key motivation was to have MORE TIME – especially with your kids and your family.

"But the reality is often far removed from this ambition!"

And unfortunately, far too many business owners never really enjoy the freedom and flexibility they wanted. So with the Summer holidays rapidly approaching, I wanted to encourage you to think about your own life – call it a bit of tough love if you like – because you can have the time you want ...

So be honest now ... if you're planning time off this Summer, can you COMPLETELY down tools and focus 100% on your family? This is a super important question – and one you really need to think about if work/life balance is important to you.

So I urge you to NOT kid yourself here. You see there's a BIG difference between:

  • Feeling confident that you can totally step away from work, OR

  • Having to sit by your phone – just in case it rings

Why are you indispensable?

If you find yourself glued to your phone, then you need to question why you've made yourself indispensable. After all, if you need to be on hand to answer your phone, you've become its slave. Worse still, the promise you made to your family about giving them your undivided attention is effectively a lie.

And let's be honest, your children won't understand that you just have to answer this once. In addition, your partner might begin to question whether or not you were better off employed. After all, your employer wouldn't expect you to pick up during your holiday, would they?

It's not your fault

Now don't get me wrong, I completely understand the importance of your phone for your business. From new enquiries (and sales) to sorting issues for existing customers, I get that you must be available.

"But does it always have to be you that picks up?"

In fact, I would suggest that if your business is dependent on your Call Handling skills, you'll seriously undermine your success. Here are three quick reasons why:

  1. You're far too accessible: If it's always you who answers, your business will end up running to someone else's timescale and agenda.

  2. You'll miss calls: Sure you have your answerphone,, but not everyone will leave a message. And if you can't pick up you could lose out on that big, unexpected opportunity.

  3. You'll get less done: Time is your most valuable asset. It's the only thing you can't reclaim, so why waste your day with telephone interruptions?

You MUST be able to switch off

The likes of Richard Branson wouldn't answer his phone on holiday. He'd delegate. And you can too – even if you don't have an in-house secretary or a single member of staff. You simply outsource to a Call Handling specialist whose team could answer your calls as if they were your employed staff – like The Office Genie.

Our reliable Short Term Cover enables you to take a proper holiday without ever worrying about your inbound calls. Simply divert your line to our Call Handling professionals and give your family your undivided attention while maintaining the confidence that you'll never miss a call.

"This professional service costs just £50 per week and includes up to 20 messages which is plenty for most businesses!"

It's super easy to divert your calls to our smart team of Genies. Just ask your phone provider to add call diversion to your line (this can take a few days to set up) and you're ready to go.

You and your kids deserve a proper break this Summer – so don't let your phone interfere. Instead divert to us. To get started, call on 01604 529170 and let's chat through the options.

Until next time ...



If you know a business owner or an entrepreneur who's glued to their phone and can't switch off on holiday, please share this article with them. Or better still get them to phone us! It always gives us a huge sense of satisfaction to free an ambitious individual from the shackles of their phone, so they can enjoy some muchneeded time off.


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