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Spiders And Cobwebs

How often do you clear out?

Posted on: 10/10/2013   By: Jenny Eaton

Does anyone else dread October? It might just be me, but as the weather cools down and the nights darken, I find that my house is invaded by large spiders trying to stay warm. I am petrified by spiders, can't possibly sleep if I know there is one in the house, but it takes me 5 minutes to psych myself up to catching them ...

how often do you have a proper clean to get rid of all the dust and cobwebs? That includes your client database too!

how often do you have a proper clean to get rid of all the dust and cobwebs? That includes your client database too!

A close friend of mine bought me a spider catcher so that I can do it at arm's length, but the damn things can be really, really quick. I spent last night chasing one around the lounge. I was a big one- with knees, hob nailed boots and eyes on stalks. I hate the way they sneak out of their hiding places just as I am trying to relax before bed. Urgh!

Anyway having pulled out all the furniture in the room to catch the blighter, I realised it's about time I had what my mum would call "a proper clean". I need to run the hoover around the skirting boards, under the cushions on the sofa and I definitely need to take all the books off the bookshelf and give the whole thing a proper dusting. It seems that my lounge is covered in cobwebs!

I know that most people periodically clear things up at home, but when it comes to work and the office how often do you clear things out? Do you keep everything or just those records required by law? I spent Friday with my Dad and we cleared out his filing cabinets. Most of the paperwork was no longer needed and so we could dispose of it. We spent some time shredding the sensitive information and when we had overheated the shredder we then burnt the remainder of the paper. Sat around the fire we felt very autumnal.

It was a very pleasant part of the necessary evil that is called "tidying up". I have previously been bored stiff of the yearly sort through the paperwork and shredding of the old stuff. But it is not just the paperwork that needs sorting through. At The Office Genie we find that every year we need to go through the information that we hold on our clients profiles. Otherwise we can find ourselves very out of date and that doesn't help us appear as a seamless part of the business.

What sort of information do you hold about your clients? When did you last update it? We have one customer that regularly changes their staff and so we frequently have to check who they currently employ and in what roles as well as making sure they are all still at the same desk so our direct dial numbers for transferring calls are still correct. For others we need to know which clinics they are still running and which treatments are available so that we book the right appointments and give the right prices.

There is nothing worse than telling a caller that we will get a message to Julie and she will call back if Julie left the company 6 weeks ago! Or booking someone in for 2 hour clinic appointment for a treatment that is no longer on offer; it just makes your receptionist look stupid, especially if the company is only small.

The hardest part of updating your information is actually calling to speak to each client, getting them at a time when they can talk and then confirming all the information is accurate and noting any changes. If you are only able to attempt this job in a certain timeslot each week then it can be a never ending task - you could however outsource it.

Checking your clients' information with them and updating your database is one job that you could outsource to the Genies. We have the ability to make calls all across the week and so are more likely to reach your clients.

If you haven't confirmed the information in your database recently why not give us a call on +44 (0) 1604 529170 or click here to ping over an email and we can clear up the cobwebs for you.

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