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Social Media And A Dressing-Up Box

What do they have in common?

Posted on: 21/10/2013   By: Julia Bramble

Every business has a personality and using social media is a great way of expressing that. However, diving into the virtual dressing-up box and pulling out a different outfit (personality) each day is best saved for the young (or young-at-heart!) as too much of a good thing can become mighty confusing ...

Do you pull a new personality out of your dress-up box each day? You need to be consistent on social media so people can get to know, like and trust you!

Do you pull a new personality out of your dress-up box each day? You need to be consistent on social media so people can get to know, like and trust you!

We all know that business is about people and building relationships, right? And we also know that using social media effectively can help us to forge those all-important relationships with potential, past and current customers, don't we? Well, whether we like it or not, every time we tweet or post, we are giving the outside world some very big clues as to our business identity, from the words and tone that we use.

Consider, for example, two updates about a business appearing in the newspaper. One which reads "delighted to have been featured in The Sentinel today - why not check out this article to find out why ..." and the other "at last the papers have woken up to the fact that we do speak sense and have featured us. Congratulations to The Sentinel for getting their act together." Which of the two makes you warm to the business more? Enough said!

Having appreciated how much you can influence the public view of you, it's very valuable to outline the kind of persona you want to get across online (this would include the copy on your website, adverts and input to any forums too) and ensure that it's congruent with your version in print.

If more than one person will be involved in the production of either, then it's worth spending some time discussing vocabulary and tone, to ensure that the right personality is being demonstrated wherever your business is represented.

Whilst you might be working on attracting different types of people using different media or social networks, the core values of your business need to run through everything that you do and say. If you're not clear about them then the public certainly won't be! Confusion isn't going to build the 'know, like, trust' element required to bring in sales.

So, define your business personality and get it out there to the waiting social world! Use the words, images and video at your disposal to really bring it alive and give it a bit of sparkle and you will find that it is one of the most powerful ways to attract the right kinds of customers to your door.

If you'd like more help with ensuring your social media activity gives you results, click here to download your copy of my free guide to social media success.

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Julia at BrambleBuzz is passionate about helping you get the results you need from social media with training, consultancy, strategy and complete management solutions. She has helped over 100 business owners get social media working for them and is the social media expert to Nigel Botterill and The Entrepreneur's Circle

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