Smartphone Addiction: Are You Feeling Anxious Yet?

We can minimise the impact ...


Smartphone addiction is a major problem. They beep, chime and buzz and we check them to see what's what. Day or night, we'll be tapping, swiping and typing and that's bad for us ...

If you're worried about smartphone addiction, our top tips may help you!

If you're worried about smartphone addiction, our top tips may help you!

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But we can minimise the impact smartphones have on our lives so we've put together our five top tips to reduce your smartphone addiction and reduce your overall anxiety:

  • Don't let it affect your sleep cycle

    There has been a lot of research into sleep problems and surprise, surprise, smartphones are a major cause of them. It's the colour of the light the screen emit that does it. Thankfully, the major manufacturers have introduced night modes to yellow up the light (and therefore reduce the blue) so that helps a little.

    If you have your smartphone in your bedroom whilst you sleep, then turning it face down will stop the room from lighting up when you get a notification. You may be asleep, but the light from your smartphone can rouse you.

  • Stop the noise pollution

    The beeps, bells, whistles, chimes and buzzes are hugely distracting. How many times have you been in conversation with someone and your smartphone has distracted you?

    Whether you're at home with your loved ones or at your workplace, once you've interected with your phone, it'll tame some time to get back into whatever it was you were doing before your smartphone went beep.

    Most smartphones allow you to configure which apps get to display on your home screen and which can make notification sounds. Try to minimise what can do what so you won't be intererrupted so much.

  • Don't rely on it

    If you get anxious when the battery level drops on your smartphone or if your maps app can't find a GPS signal, then you need to reduce your smartphone usage dramatically.

    And what happens when you go out and forget your phone? If you start feeling stressed then you definitely have a degree of smartphone addiction and need to reduce how much you use it.

    You can still read books, glance at a physical map (they're beautiful things!) or even use your home phone to order a pizza. Apps make life easier but they're not the be all and end all!

  • Don't escape reality with it

    It's very common to play games on your smartphone, but even this is an escape from your real life. Do you feel bad when you check facebook and see what everyone else is doing? People forget that on social media we present a happy face. We all have the same daily problems, even if we don't post about it.

    Escaping reality with your smartphone can cause a lot of anxiety and lead to serious depression. Are you doing it to avoid problems in your real life? If so, the more time you spend on your smartphone, the more anxious you'll become.

  • Turn it off!

    Did you know that the average person in the UK checkes their phone 28 times a day? That's 10,000 times a year and is a huge waste of your time, especially if you get sucked into it.

    If you don't want to turn it off, then just put it on silent and leave it in another room. Enjoy a conversation with your loved ones then have a good night's sleep, and if you really want to go for it, come off social media platforms like Facebook for a couple of weeks and see your happiness levels jump!

If you feel that you have a degree of smartphone addiction, follow our tips above and see what life is like away from the screen.

If you're in business, your smartphone is interfering with your schedule, yet you don't want to miss any calls if you put it on silent, why not try our call handling service and see if we can help reduce your anxiety?

Call us on 01604 529170 and let's see how we can help.

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