Small Business Owners: Do Your Health A Massive Favour

And get some telephone holiday cover ...


Small business owners work long hours. Up to 28% have their health affected by their business. Stress and depression are under recognised, but as serious as physical issues ...

If you're a small business owner, do your health a massive favour. We'll cover the phones for you!

If you're a small business owner, do your health a massive favour. We'll cover the phones for you!

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We've all done it, haven't we? "Oh, I'll just finish this little project then I'll knock off for the evening" then a call comes in after hours, so we spend time sorting that out and lose our place on what we were doing.

"It is very, very stressful!"

We should be able to concentrate on projects, knowing that the phone isn't going to interrupt us, but there it is - ring, ring - and we just can't ignore it. More loss of focus, more stress dealing with the call, more hours worked late into the evening just to catch up with yourself. It's a vicious cycle that brings you down, reduces your sleep (and it's quality) and really can lead to depression or other mental issues.

Here are a couple of really interesting articles I read about stess hitting our productivity:

If you work more than 50 hours a week, your productivity is reduced. If you reach 55 hours a week, it falls off a cliff. And for the small business owner working 10 hours a day, 7 days a week? Well, let's just say you should be worried; very worried.

Lack of sleep resulting in reduced productivity has even been included in everyone's favourite geeky sitcom, the Big Bang Theory. Here's Bernadette sending Sheldon off to bed after not sleeping for days:

And if you're working 50+ hours a week, when will you be able to take a holiday and totally switch off? Feet in the sand, a deep blue sea stretching to the horizon? A warm breeze to relax us, The best Margarita you've ever tasted? I think we'd all like that, wouldn't we?

The Office Genie can help you. Ok, you may not be ready for a full-on couple of weeks in another country, but even a few days away with loved ones is really going to help you relax, de-stress and catch up on your sleep.

When you're on holiday, you want to be on holiday, so why not let us take the calls for you? Divert your phone to us, we'll answer it the way you want us to and we'll take a message and forward them on.

"Doesn't that sound like a
wonderful idea?"

As the holiday season is approaching, start thinking about some time off with your loved ones and do your health a favour at the same time. Call us on 01604 529170 and let's talk about some holiday cover for you.

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And when you're back from holiday and fully refreshed? Talk to us about call handling for you all the time so you know you can get on with your projects uninterrupted, helping to reduce the hours you put in.


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