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6 Tips for mobile phone users ...

Posted on: 04/12/2014   By: Jacqui Frost

I don't know about you but sometime I get very frustrated by how people are using their mobile phones. Just because you can use your mobile anywhere doesn't mean that you should and noisy or busy places can cause real problems during a conversation ...

taking a call in an noisy place isn't always the best idea

taking a call in an noisy place isn't always the best idea

You would be amazed at the number of calls that we take from people who are driving along with the window down, stood in a queue or buying a sandwich. It is so frustrating when you know that the person on the other end is not focussed on the call. But it is worse than that, it displays a lack of respect both for the person you are calling and the people around you.

So top tips to make every call calm for all parties:

  • Don't talk too loudly or hold the phone close to your mouth. It can distort the sound of your voice and makes it very difficult for the person on the other end to understand you.

  • Multi-tasking is the biggest no no for mobile phone use. So don't make a call whilst in the bank or queuing for a sandwich!

  • Can the person you are calling hear you above the background noise? Will your telephone call disrupt people nearby? Always try to create some space around yourself when you are making a call.

  • If it's private don't talk about it in public. Personal details should never be shared in public, always find somewhere a little private or ask the caller if you can call them back.

  • Don't use your phone in inappropriate places. E.g. Bathrooms, elevators, hospitals, waiting rooms, trains, buses, trams, meetings, libraries, museums, places of worship, school, lectures, live performances, funerals, weddings, cinemas, theatres etc

  • Learn to text - there are many places where it might not be good to talk but its ok to text. But obviously not in a cinema or theatre where the backlit screen will be disruptive to your neighbours.

Although technology allows us the freedom to be in contact with anyone anywhere that doesn't mean we have to take advantage of that. I think sometimes we walk around in our own little bubble focussing on what we need to achieve and we forget that making a call on our mobile has a wider impact.

So, as you are hurrying round doing your Christmas Shopping this month, think before you answer that call; is the queue for this year's must have the best place for this conversation? If you need to answer it, explain where you are and arrange to call them back as soon as you find somewhere quiet!

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