Should You Have Got A Call Handling Service For Christmas?

If you want to relax this week then yes ...


So the Christmas festivities are over for another year and now we're in that wonderful week running up to New Year. But can you leave your business alone for a few days to relax and recuperate?

Stuck in the office or on the sofa relaxing? A call handling service makes a huge difference!

Stuck in the office or on the sofa relaxing? A call handling service makes a huge difference!

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The majority of us have this week off. Whether we're slouched on the sofa watching films and finishing off the pigs in blankets with a nice glass of wine, or even speeding down the slopes of some exotic ski resort, we take a break to grab some 'me time' and do our own thing for a few days.

"Well, the majority of us do! Some are tied to their businesses, waiting by the phone!"

But not all entrepreneurs, self-employed or small business owners are like that. Those in the know are relaxing. Those mince pies look tempting, don't they? Shall I open that box of chocolates? Hmmm, is it late enough for a glass of wine?

So which one are you? Tied to your telephone unable to switch off or choosing between telly, ski-slope or possibly even a nice nap? If you're the first type then you need to speak to The Office Genie in the New Year so next Christmas you can just switch off.

You see, we can take those calls for you then we'll send you an email or text and you can decide whether to respond immediately or, and I suspect most of you would do this, sort it out in the New Year.

"We offer an award-winning five-star call answering service and we know you'll benefit from working with us!"

Not only can we take messages and pass them on, we can update your CMS, put bookings into your online diary, answer questions the caller may have about your products and services and even send out marketing materials on your behalf.

And that should give you the peace of mind to know that you can switch off over Christmas, have another turkey sandwich, and decide which party you're going to on New Year's Eve.

"Would you like to know more?"

You may feel inspired to make a brilliant change to your business in 2018 and outsource your call handling. Why not get in touch on 01604 529170 or click here to ping us an email and let's talk about how we can help you.

Until next time ...



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