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Sci-Fi Telephone Answering: The Weird And The Wonderful

Are your clients flying off into the moonlight like E.T.?

Posted on: 19/06/2014   By: Jacqui Frost

Who is in charge of your business's telephone answering? If it's the wrong person, or just an answerphone, then you are at risk of your clients flying off into the moonlight like E.T., the Extra-Terrestrial ...

Sci-Fi Telephone Answering: The Weird And The Wonderful

Is your product or service out of this world? Are you and your staff specialists in your niche? Your telephone answering may still be letting your business down as badly as the government agents let the children down in the 1982 blockbuster "E.T.".

When you and your staff are busy, it's difficult to give a level of service that reflects how great your business is over the phone. Answering the telephone when you're engrossed in an important task can give callers the deadly, but understandable impression, that you're not interested in attending to their needs. No matter how polite you may be, callers can sense when you're distracted and impatient to get them off the line so that you can get back to business.

There is nothing worse than a high quality product, with a price tag to match, which is completely ruined by awful telephone answering. You'll find that your customers won't accept it for long.

"Research reveals that up to 70% will move on due to the bad service on the phone; vanishing faster than an Extra-Terrestrial beaming home!"

Bad telephone answering can happen to people with perfectly good intentions, especially when the office phone is answered by whoever is the least busy when it rings. A colleague of mine worked for a safari company in Africa. The office cleaner, a man named Surprise, had long arms and was very fast on his feet. Every time the phone rang he would pounce on the handset, eagerly yell "Surprise!" and then be baffled by the click on the other end of the line as the caller hung up.

Like Surprise, you and your staff may be experts in your field, but not have the perfect telephone answering manner. Employing a dedicated receptionist can provide the level of service that your business needs, but the costs are often out of this world! And what if your receptionist is sick or on leave, as often happens with Earthlings?

The Office Genie offers a very reasonably priced, dedicated virtual telephone answering service. Just as E.T.'s fingers were longer than a normal human's, our range of services extends far beyond those of a standard telephone answering service. We greet your clients with your company name and take messages for call backs. We will also happily become involved in answering queries and booking appointments should you need us to.

Have you received a weird, wonderful or just plain awful greeting when calling a business? We'd love to hear about it. Please feel free to share your stories in the comments section below.

And to stop your clients flitting off into the moonlight, you can 'phone home' like E.T. on 01604 529170. Our telephone answering service is out of this world!

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I'm happy to report that Surprise was transferred to the Vehicle Maintenance Department, which didn't have a telephone!

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