ROI: Are You Only Getting A Quarter-back?

Ensure you're not passing up any conversions ...


Spending money on marketing is often a risky business. We never know for sure what the Return On Investment (ROI) is going to be, what our targeted customers will think or even if it will reach our preferred audience ...

When it comes to your ROI, make sure you get more than just a quarter-back!

When it comes to your ROI, make sure you get more than just a quarter-back!

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Sometimes, we might just be fumbling our money away,, but it often only takes one conversion to pay off the debt of the whole marketing campaign.

"Unless you're Coca-Cola, Budweiser
or Doritos!"

I might be wrong here, but I'd of thought you'd need to sell a lot of drinks, beers or crisps to make back the $2.2m these brands spend on advertising at the cultural phenomenon that is, the Superbowl.

This Sunday will see the 50th Superbowl take place at Levi's Stadium, California. It is set to have the biggest viewing yet. I know that I'll be watching, but more for the marketing than for the football!

Nevertheless, an event as big as this is one that can gain you huge brand exposure, but will paying $2.2m for a 30-second commercial pay off in the long run?

For smaller companies, a good ROI is crucial. Although it cannot be predicted, it is something that needs to be closely monitored and thought about prior to implementation. We all know that a good marketing campaign will include a call to action, but if your call to action isn't as simple as possible then you could very well be missing out on potential conversions!

One of our clients has just launched their very first PPC campaign, a campaign that encourages prospects to call if they wish to enquire. Expecting an influx of enquiries this company took the initiative to sign up with the Genies and ensure that their marketing budget wasn't wasted.

It's all very well attracting your prospects and getting noticed, but you need someone available to seal the deal or they might very quickly lose interest.

Having the Genies pick up overflow calls safeguards them from missing any potential conversions. Their money is safe and their budget isn't wasted on a simple, but costly inefficiency.

We handle the enquiry by taking a detailed message and passing it back to the client, giving them time to gather the information required and call back at their earliest convenience. Being prepared with the right information assures the prospect that the company is professional and truly values their business.

"An impression that every company
wants to give!"

Whilst Coca-Cola and Budweiser might be able to spend millions on a singular campaign, SME's don't share in that luxury. As I'm sure you're aware, every penny counts and we all work too hard to let it fall down at the last hurdle.

So next time you write a marketing campaign, take it one step further and see beyond the prospect's reaction when they see the advert, leaflet, postcard or whatever it may be. Think about your call to action, think about what you want them to do and make sure you guarantee satisfaction both for them and for yourself.

"Don't let the pass be deflected!"

When it comes to your ROI, a quarter-back isn't good enough, neither is a half-back! We want to help you get the highest possible conversion rate with the best possible team assistance. And for some real inspiration make sure you tune into the Superbowl as those brands must be doing something right!

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Remember we offer short-term cover, so if you do have a marketing campaign coming up and you want to make sure you don't miss any potential leads, take out marketing insurance with the Genies!


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More about Charlotte Quatrine ...

I recently graduated from Leeds Beckett University with a degree in Sports Marketing. Throughout my studies, I worked as a part-time waitress at Pizza Hut before graduating and starting my role as Marketing Genie here at The Office Genie.

Entering and adapting to the full-time working world has allowed me to learn so much, overcome all sorts of new challenges and do things I never thought I could do. Working in marketing ensures there is never a dull day as one minute I might be organising an event and the next I could be out networking with potential clients.

Outside of work my main passion is football. I have played since the age of 11 and am currently a goalkeeper for a local team. I also love spending time with my friends and family, going on holiday and seeing theatre shows and concerts.


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