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TPS stands for the Telephone Preference Service, which is an organisation that stops businesses or individuals from receiving unwanted sales calls. We encourage all of our clients to sign up for TPS and here's why ...

When you're constantly being interrupted by sales calls, getting registered with the Telephone Preference Service will give you more time in your day!

When you're constantly being interrupted by sales calls, getting registered with the Telephone Preference Service will give you more time in your day!

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Having your day interrupted by genuine enquiries or calls from current customers is not something we complain about, but stopping mid-task to answer an unwanted call that doesn't benefit your business at all can become a little frustrating.

The great thing about TPS is that if you do receive sales calls, you can simply inform them that you are registered with TPS and ask to be removed from their database, never to hear from them again.

We highly recommend that our clients register with TPS because then we don't have to charge for random sales calls, meaning your minutes and money are only spent on genuine business calls.

Registering with the Telephone Preference Service couldn't be simpler, all you have to do is sign up for free at TPS Online, wait a few weeks for it to kick in and then you'll be sales call free (well, almost)!

More often than not a few sales calls do slip through the net, but callers tend to be a lot keener to get off the phone once you've informed them that you're TPS registered and that you will report the number should you hear from them again.

Regardless of if you are a client of ours or not, we can't recommend enough the benefits that signing up for this free service can provide. It's a known fact that answering a phone call in the middle of a task can leave you distracted for up to twenty minutes, even if the phone call only lasts a few seconds.

"The fewer calls you have to
answer, the better!"

There is some scepticism in regards to the effectiveness of the Telephone Preference Service, with many claims that it doesn't work and that complaints aren't followed up. However, recent news shows that one unfortunate company have been fined a huge £20,000 for calling TPS registered phone numbers.

The penalty was issued after the company received 160 complaints over a 4 month period and was charged at £125 per complaint. It's not hard to see how a hefty fine can build up pretty quickly!

Being TPS registered also allows you politely decline the call. Although sales calls can be extremely irritating, the person calling you is usually just doing their job and doesn't want to get into an argument any more than you do.

Sometimes it's easy to forget that we are, at all times, representing our business and therefore rudely declining a sales call could negatively impact your business name. You never know who is at the other end of the phone - they could have been one of your potential clients!

"You can TPS register both business and personal lines!"

I've definitely noticed a decline in PPI and accident claim calls since I registered my mobile with the Telephone Preference Service! If anything, the fewer sales calls you receive, the more time you have.

It's free, it's easy and it's more beneficial than you can imagine!

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And if you want to give yourself even more free time, call me on 01604 529171 and let's talk about The Office Genie handling your business calls during the working day!

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