Outsourcing: Staff Sickness, Maternity Leave And Busy Times

Are you drowning in piles and piles of work?


Experiencing times of stress and worry is all part of being a business owner. Sometimes, it's caused by having low cash flow, finding yourself short staffed or other unexpected changes ...

If you're drowning in piles and piles of work then outsourcing may be the solution!

If you're drowning in piles and piles of work then outsourcing may be the solution!

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Luckily, in times where you do find yourself with more work than staff, or a team member is in need of a fair amount of time off, we now have the luxury of hiring temporary employees to bridge the gap while you get back on your feet.

"Hiring temporary employees can be fantastic for filling short-term vacancies!"

This means you can increase the help available for particular projects or bringing in a specialised set of skills. However, these come at a cost, one much higher than a permanent and contracted employee.

On top of the high agency fees, the temporary employee often charges a very high hourly rate to compensate for the lack of benefits and security they receive whilst in short-term work.

Another (and often cheaper) option that you have when looking for short-term cover, is to outsource certain tasks or business operations. Outsourcing work boasts the luxury of not having to fill a seat in the office (and pay for numerous cups of tea and biscuits) and also means that you're only paying for the hours that are worked.

Often with temporary employees, you end up with them occupying your office for a full day, when they may only have a few hours worth of tasks to get done!

Whilst you don't need to pay temporary staff for sick days or holiday days, it can still be an inconvenience when they need time off. Using an outsourcing service immediately eliminates this worry as outsourcing to a team of experts ensures that there will always be someone there to get the work done.

Another benefit of outsourcing temporary work as opposed to bringing staff in-house is that you immediately eliminate the process of settling a new worker into your team and avoid any conflicts that may potentially arise. Also, once you find an outsourcing service that you are happy with, you are able to use them again and again. It would be rare to find a temporary employee that would be available each time you require their help.

The Office Genie offers full administrative and secretarial support, as well as telephone call handling all year round.

Our services can be used on a contracted, ad-hoc or short-term basis and are great for when you have a receptionist off on maternity or sick leave, whilst you're recruiting for new staff members or just when you're experiencing a high influx of work.

If you're interested in finding out more about how The Office Genie can save you from drowning in piles and piles of work, please give Kelly or Carlie a call on 01604 529170 or click here to send us an email enquiry and let's see how we can help you.

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