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Oops, I dropped my phone in ...

How would you complete that sentence?

Posted on: 22/08/2013   By: Jacqui Frost

For most of us dropping our mobile phone is frustrating and a little inconvenient. But for a small business owner it can be devastating. If you are a tradesman then it is likely that almost all of your contacts are in your phone and you'll have messages still to reply to and without your mobile how will you track them down?

the office genie will answer your calls for you while you get on with the job

the office genie will answer your calls for you while you get on with the job

Imagine being a plasterer and dropping your phone in the bucket of plaster as you scrambled to answer it? Or a decorator putting the phone down in a hurry and then pasting the phone by accident? Or a plumber under a sink trying to fix a leak, distracted by the phone and causing water to spread all through the room?

This may seem a little slapstick - we are heading towards Panto season - but they are all legitimate scenarios. There is an obvious impact on the phone in question and in the worst case scenario the phone is ruined which can make running a business much more difficult. Most tradesmen are so busy they rarely have time to back up numbers stored in the phone, let alone write down the messages they still haven't responded to.

But it is worth considering the impact ruining your customers carpet would have. You know what they say - have a great experience you might tell one person but have a bad experience and you will tell at least 10 people if not everyone you know. Not to mention the hassle of dealing with insurance companies and the higher premiums because of the claim.

As you know I started my business to help support my husbands building & decorating business. Fortunately for us none of the above tragedies have happened to his phone. But by employing us to answer his phone he benefits from:

  • The call being answered whether he can get a good signal on site or not.

  • The personal touch, which is so important when people are calling to invite you into their home.

  • Telling the caller where he is at present and when he is likely to return the call.

  • Not having to run back down the ladder to answer the call, or frighten the Health and Safety representative by answering the call at the top of the ladder whilst continuing the job!

  • A clean, dry working phone which can stay in his jacket until he is ready to check his messages.

  • Knowing that his phone isn't the only record of the people who have called and he has the numbers stored elsewhere if he does lose his phone.

  • The ability to check his messages any time without leaving site to physically check the answering machine, because he can always call in and ask!

  • A back up of all messages which are sent at the end of every day to his email.

For busy tradesmen and women using a call handling service can not only stop you from missing out on work (come on say it with me because 70% of people hang up on reaching an answering machine!) but also helps you to provide a better service to your existing clients.

With your calls dealt with, it leaves you more time to actually get on with the plumbing, plastering, electrics, decorating etc and actually earn your bread!

So for a call handling service that is ideal, whatever your trade, call us on +44 (0) 1604 529170 or click here to ping over an email and we'll call you right back.

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