One Simple Step To Boosting Your Business Productivity

It's time to get planning ...


Organising a workforce get together often requires some serious planning. Between figuring out a date that everyone is available and finding a suitable venue, it can make the job almost impossible ...

But when you do manage to pull it off, it's somewhat of an achievement. Of course, the challenge becomes more difficult the bigger your team is and sometimes it becomes so complicated that you decide not to organise the get together at all!

"And that can lead to more than just a few sour faces around the office!"

Keeping employee morale high is one of the toughest challenges for a business owner, yet it's one of the most important. We know that increased morale leads to greater business productivity so it's crucial we keep the motivation high.

Unfortunately, the festive period is one of the more difficult times for keeping your team focused as most people are far too busy panicking about how they're going to fit twelve relatives around a six seater table to worry about getting their job done!

So what can you do to ensure that your team are dedicated and on-task during the festive season and all year round? The simple answer? Throw a party!

We have a Genie Christmas party every year and the next day, my team come back to work stronger and more motivated than ever. It's the boost that everybody needs, the thank you that they all deserve, and the appreciation that they need to be shown.

I'm sure you'll agree that, as a business owner, it's lovely to feel proud and content with your team, both of which are emotions I experienced on Saturday night as I looked around at my Genies all enjoying themselves and having a laugh.

With some new additions this year, it was my first chance to see them all together outside of work. It was fantastic - regardless of the difference in personalities, ages and interests - everyone got on like a house on fire!

I always look forward to our Genie Christmas parties, they're a chance for me to thank my team for doing such an excellent job and it's a time to celebrate what we have achieved over the year - plus it's an excuse to enjoy some seriously yummy food!

As you know, the life of a business owner is a rollercoaster to say the least. One minute you're on cloud nine taking on new business, the next you're working through a stack of CV's following the dreaded notice hand in from one of your top performing employees.

It's great to have a team around you that can support you on the bad days as well as the good, but it's not until you take some time away from the office to reflect on what you do have that you actually start to appreciate it.

It's been a challenging year for us here at The Office Genie but we're ending on a high. Along with some fantastic new team members we were also finalists for an award in Customer Service, as well as achieving 100% positive feedback from a mystery shopper! If that's not something to celebrate, then I don't know what is!

So if you didn't get round to organising a Christmas party for your team this year, why not just do something small to show your appreciation? Bring in some mince pies or buy them some bubbly - it might just be the boost they need before Christmas!

Of course, increasing employee morale is more than just a party once a year, organising quarterly get-togethers and encouraging staff socials might do more than you think for your productivity.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Until next time ...



If you struggle with planning events for your team, remember that we offer event planning services. We can organise it for you and your team will be none the wiser, or if you just need some advice on how to go about it, just give us a call on 01604 529170 and we'll be happy to help!


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