McStrike: Who Could Have Imagined Such A Thing?

The Hamburgler joins the protest ...


McDonald's is one of the best know fast food outlets on the high street, where frazzled parents can have a short respite from their hungry, unruly children. We'd never expect a McStrike though ...

It looks like Maccy D's has a McStrike on their hands ...

It looks like Maccy D's has a McStrike on their hands ...

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Yet it seems that the people doing all the hard work are getting fed up with the terms of their contracts and their small pay packets, and 200 or so of them gathered outside Parliament to shout about it.

"So a McStrike actually
happened last week!"

Of course, the likes of Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell made a speech and Socialist Worker activists were out in force waving pamphlets, but regardless of the politics of the event, does this show that UK businesses are forgetting how hard people at the bottom work to earn them their hallowed profit?

When I look through the news, I see top executives coming and going from some of the UK's leading businesses. Golden Handshakes on joining, and Golden Parachutes when they leave.

"These top execs may add 10% to your bottom line, but it's those on the bottom line who do all the work!"

That's right. Without the people at the bottom, doing the actual work and adhering to the processes, procedures and systems passed down from on high, the top executives wouldn't have a bottom line to add 10% too.

There are many reasons wages are so low right now and it's not down to me to opinion why; we all have our views on that. But it seems we've reached a turning point if the staff at McDonald's are willing to have a McStrike to protest their low wages and employment terms and conditions.

The government is rumoured to be lifting the 1% public sector pay cap in the Autumn Budget, so is it time for UK businesses to follow suit and do the same? Are the people who actually do the work for you now in line for a pay rise?

After all, if someone like MaccyD's is facing ongoing strike action now, who's to say that your lowest paid employees won't be encouraged to do the same to you? The simplest way to improve pay for your staff is to make an equal reduction in costs.

"One way to cut costs is to outsource call handling to The Office Genie!"

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