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Where do you sow your seeds?

Posted on: 15/08/2013   By: Julia Bramble

So, what has the Parable Of The Sower got to do with cutting-edge marketing techniques like social media, I hear you ask? Well, as we know, parables survive because of their relevance. This particular parable is relevant to many aspects of marketing, business and life in general; hence its longevity ...

Pick the right place for the message and the market is like planting the seeds in good soil and looking after them so that they grow into brilliant customers/plants!

Pick the right place for the message and the market is like planting the seeds in good soil and looking after them so that they grow into brilliant customers/plants!

The sower has a great message for us when we're thinking about social media (and if you're not thinking about it in your business, I hope someone is!) because it reminds us starkly of the perils of forgetting the number one rule.

And that rule is? The same one that we need to remember with any form of marketing: Market, Message and Media! Think about who we need to be talking to first, then what our message will be and only then will we think about the media we will use to get our message across. Just because social media represents a new form of marketing activity for many businesses, it doesn't mean that this rule can get binned with the Yellow Pages. Far from it!!

"We need to make sure that our activity is based around the people that we want and need to connect and interact with."

Once we've done that, then got clear on our message (and strategy), the final part of the rule is to get clear on where these people are active. And that's the key tie-in with the parable here.

To put it another way, if you - the sower - sow your seeds (the messages and great content that you have worked diligently to create and acquire) in the wrong places (ie. you share them on networks which your customers and prospects don't use), you will get very little return for your efforts.

"Seeds that are distributed in the right environment have every chance of growing into strong young plants."

So, find out where your ideal customers hang out online before investing masses of time and energy on whatever your best friend told you was the 'in thing' for businesses to be using this week. Ask your current customers (face-to-face, by email or by survey), check out the followers of popular bloggers or You-Tubers in your sector, or research online forums.

Then make sure your messages and content suit the network you have decided to use, as well as attracting the people you need to interact with. They also need to cultivate leads, drive traffic or whatever the priorities are for your business.

So please take some time to work through who you want/need to engage with on social media to help support your business goals, what networks those people use and the right messages and content to share on those networks to elicit the actions you want people to take.

Failing to do this is the equivalent of taking all those valuable seeds and tipping them on the path, where they get trodden on and wasted, or the borders where the young seedlings will get burnt by the sun. Make the most of your precious time and resources by thinking your activity through first and you will reap a fine harvest!

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