Make More Sales: This Little Decision Will Have A BIG Impact

On your sales, sanity and success ...


As a business owner, one of your BIG challenges is to find and keep customers. This is an activity that's always close to my mind and I'm always brainstorming fresh ideas to grow The Office Genie ...

But what continues to amaze me is how so many business owners fail to see through the whole 'getting customers' process. Here's what I've found ...

Entrepreneurs have ingenious ideas. They create a stunning piece of marketing to get their message out to the right people, in the right place, at the right time, but then they slip up when it matters most.

What mistake do they make? They don't answer the phone when an enquiry comes in and a customer wants to order.

"There's NO excuse!"

What frustrates me most about this oversight is there's absolutely no reason to miss a call! After all, there's no hard rule that says you MUST answer the phone yourself. Just outsource to a Call Handling service!

I mentioned the simplest things often make the biggest difference. For example, I've just returned from exhibiting at a big national entrepreneur's event. Over the weekend, I spoke with a number of attendees who hadn't put Call Handling very high on their list of priorities to outsource.

And I can understand this reluctance – especially if you want to cut costs. But the truth is, it's often more expensive to NOT invest in professional Call Handling.

While you think you can happily answer most of your calls, you can't pick up every time. It's simply impossible. What's more, you may not want to pick up – especially if your head is down and you're highly focused on an important task. On these occasions, if the phone rings it becomes an annoying distraction ... even if the caller is a new customer wanting to place an order.

"So, going back to the cost of outsourced Call Handling, how much is a new customer worth to you?"

For most businesses, a single sale could easily cover the cost of paying someone else to answer your calls. And that investment doesn't include the extra time you'll free up when your inbound calls no longer control you.

Don't be a slave

With the Summer holidays upon us, you may face a different problem with your Call Handling. It's one thing to be required to answer your phone when you're at work, but what if you're on holiday?

Far too many business owners have made themselves indispensable in their business. They can't take a proper day off, because they must be on hand in case the phone rings.

That's not a sign of freedom and flexibility. Instead, a lack of processes and support mean you're forced to live your business life on someone else's agenda. That's not such an inspiring vision, is it?

Who can you trust?

One of the reasons you may be reluctant to release your Call Handling responsibilities, is because you don't believe an external provider, is capable of answering your calls as well as you.

In reply, I say you can't know that until you try. And with it being the Summer holidays, now is a very good time to test an outsourced Call Handling service for yourself.

That's because here at The Office Genie we offer Short Term Cover. At just £50 per week (which includes up to 20 messages) you can experience the relief that comes from knowing business WILL continue as usual – even if you don't pick up.

You've worked too hard to allow your phone to undermine your profit potential. So give yourself some much needed time and divert your inbound calls to a Call Handling service.

You won't look back. I promise!

Until next time ...



We're always happy to chat about Call Handling. There's no obligation – just an easy way to discover the information you need, to decide if this service is right for you. To get started, call us on 01604 529170 today!


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