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Life is like a box of chocolates

You never know what you're going to get ...

Posted on: 02/05/2013   By: Jacqui Frost

I will admit that it doesn't always seem true; sometimes the drudgery of day to day activities makes life seem very much predictable. I know that when I get up tomorrow I will have a bath, get dressed and go to sit in my office. And I also know that the Genies will be answering calls all day, which is good because it is what they are paid to do!!

what's your favourite? we love them all!

what's your favourite? we love them all!

But, we never know what calls we are going to be taking. With such a wide range of clients none of us can tell what sort of call will come next:

  • Toffee or caramel ... We might speak to lady who is calling to book an appointment to have her next Botox "fix" or fillers with one of our aesthetic clinics. We've become quite knowledgeable about aesthetics so we can advise the clients of precautions to be taken before and after treatment. And it's always nice to chat with the regular clients about what they've been doing since their last treatment.

  • A nut centre ... We could be talking to a very tired parent who was woken ridiculously early this morning because their baby couldn't sleep. We get a lot of calls in the spring and summer from people who need blackout blinds to stop the sun from streaming in and waking the little ones. We are able to reassure them on behalf of our clients of the miracle (Genies are magical you know!!) that will occur once the blind is fitted and book them an appointment. (I promise we're not suggesting our Blind clients are nutty).

  • A soft centre ... We could be sending out brochures and information for mobility scooters following an influx of calls from people who have seen the latest national advertising campaign. Or maybe we'll be talking to people who are in pain and looking for the earliest appointment with a chiropractor or dentist.

  • Nougat or Turkish delight ... Just for that added sparkle, we could take a call to arrange the cleaning of a house owned by a well known radio DJ or arranging for tour buses to be customized ready for a well known musical reality TV show.

So you see that it can be really exciting working for The Office Genie, speaking with such a wide variety of people thanks to clients from many different industries. We all have our favourite types of calls, just like the fillings in our chocolates. But most of all I think we all just love chocolate ... and we love helping all of the callers we speak to on behalf of our clients.

Whatever your chocolate type, we'd be happy to take your calls. All chocolate (and general sweet things) are gratefully received by all at Genie Towers.

It's a necessity to have a sweet tooth to be a magical being such as a Genie!!

Until next time ...


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