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It's All In A Name

Are parents trying to be too street?

Posted on: 01/05/2014   By: Jacqui Frost

One of our genies is due to have her baby very soon. As you can imagine, there have been plenty of conversations in the office, not least about the name. Apparently her and her partner can't come to a consensus over the name - still, they've got a few days yet!

You're going to call me what?!

You're going to call me what?!

Another Genie was named after the midwife that helped deliver her as her parents were so adamant she was going to be a boy they only had a boy's name picked out.

Fortunately, that was over 30 years ago. These days, I suspect she might have been lumbered with the boys name - after all, it's different and stands out! Often, it seems that the parents (and celebs are the worst culprits) seem to be influenced by their own street cred. And a little like street dance they are trying to make a statement.

When giving a child its name I think you have to remember it's going to be with them throughout their life. If it's too different, the child may be teased through school. It might be a seriously 'with it' name, but do the other children care about the parents street cred or reputation?

Some names come from places, fruit, colours; others seem to be made up (even the dictionary couldn't give a meaning for the name Zu Zu). I can imagine the plan for an old peoples home looking something like this:

  • Apple Blythe (F)

  • Hunter (M)

  • Blue (F)

  • Bronx (M)

  • Lourdes (F)

  • Journey (M)

  • Brooklyn (F)

  • Harper Seven (F)

  • Morroco (M)

  • Indiana (F)

  • Brooklyn (M)

  • Tallulah Trixiebelle (F)

It obviously needs the gender notation otherwise new care staff wouldn't know what to expect in each room!

I sometimes think that more thought is given to business names than people's names as there is less worry about 'being down with the street'. Often the name reflects something important in the owners life, or what the company does, or reflects the ethos and mission of the company.

Owners have to remember that if their name alienates half their target market the company is not going to do too well! That being said, an unusual name can spark conversations which can be useful in getting business.

So come on - share your thoughts on names. What are the best (and worst) names you've come across - business or people? Tell me in the comments box below.

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