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Is Social Media Your Fairy Godmother?

We all need a little magic ...

Posted on: 19/12/2013   By: Julia Bramble

The use of social media is now an important part of the regular communication and marketing routine for businesses who want to grow. For some, it has proved amazingly fruitful, whilst others still struggle to understand why this much-hyped 'silver bullet' hasn't delivered the goods for them ...

We'd all love a fairy godmother to sprinkle some magic on our social media campaigns!

We'd all love a fairy godmother to sprinkle some magic on our social media campaigns!

The truth is that getting out there on social media isn't immediately going to result in a Fairy Godmother showing up and showering customers, connections and PR on a business. However, if we go about using social media in the right way, then these are exactly the kinds of results that we could wish to expect.

Now, big brands have big budgets and can afford to splash the cash on social media that is often less than refined; they get results simply because of the size of their audience.

As smaller businesses, we may need to work a bit more at getting those results, but that doesn't mean working harder. The small businesses that I have seen doing really well on social media are those that do two things:

  1. they get out of their heads and get into the heads of their customers,

  2. they make sure they share their business personality online.

For example, there is a lovely café/restaurant known as The Harbour in Port Isaac. The owner has grown the business literally using Twitter and Facebook – sharing her thoughts about fresh food and the surrounding area and, on Facebook, using the power of images to tell a very evocative story that has people arranging their holidays around paying the restaurant a visit.

Similarly, check out Lake District Lodge Holidays on Facebook - the owner has seen phenomenal growth in bookings this year due to him sharing his passion for The Lakes via stunning photos and updates, with the occasional offer and competition added into the mix. It works!

It works for B2B businesses too. By being active on LinkedIn and sharing opinionated blogs, updates and discussions, Just In Time PR has seen a huge upsurge in enquiries about their service. Similarly, the word-of-mouth effect offered by Facebook users seeing the interaction of their friends with business pages has resulted in a keynote speaker gaining three new bookings in a matter of only weeks.

Do you have a success story to share? Please tell us about it in the comments.

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Julia at BrambleBuzz is passionate about helping you get the results you need from social media with training, consultancy, strategy and complete management solutions. She has helped over 100 business owners get social media working for them and is the social media expert to Nigel Botterill and The Entrepreneur's Circle

So, are you missing out on communicating with past, present and future customers because you're not using social media, or not using it effectively? We get you talking in the right way to the right people to get the right results. Simples!




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