In Business, Opportunities Are Never Lost!

So it's time to start seizing the moment ...


Not so long ago, I was scrolling down my LinkedIn feed when I came across a quote that quite literally sums up the reason for my entire businesses existence in just two short sentences ...

If you don't seize the moment and embrace those opportunities, then your competitors will!

If you don't seize the moment and embrace those opportunities, then your competitors will!

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It read, "Opportunities are never lost; someone will take the ones you miss. Seize the moment." I'm struggling to find who I should attribute that quote to, but whoever it was, is very, very smart.

You see, I often come across businesses that are unknowingly pushing potential clients straight into the hands of their competitors and I'm willing to bet that they are losing out on a fairly large chunk of money in doing so!

Think about the last time you tried to find a new mechanic or book in with a new hairdresser, was it a simple process? Or did it consist of you flicking through an online directory trying garage after garage, or salon after salon, just waiting for someone to pick up the phone?

If I told you that you could be much more profitable by simply picking up the phone, you'd probably say I'm bonkers, but it's a fact that when someone calls a business with a genuine enquiry they are usually at the very end of the conversion process; all you need to do is answer their questions and make the sale!

"But do you think that playing telephone tag is the simplest way of selling?"

Unfortunately, in our fast paced and desperately competitive world, by the time you call them back to make the sale, they'll more than likely have booked in or purchased their goods elsewhere, resulting in a missed opportunity.

Just how many opportunities can you afford to miss? Think about your marketing campaigns, if they include a call to action (which they ALL definitely should) which states 'CALL US NOW' and you're not answering your phone then you may as well be throwing your marketing budget down the drain. There's no point in doing all the hard stuff to miss the easy steps and lose out right at the last hurdle!

"Answering your phone really could be the difference between £100 profit or £10,000 profit. So which would you prefer?"

I understand that many industries require hands on work, work that you can't simply drop just to answer the phone, so you need to ensure you have measures in place which means your business can be available even when you aren't.

If you aren't at the stage of having other employees to support you, or if your team are so bogged down with work that they can't get to the phone, then perhaps using a call handling service could be the perfect solution?

It's cheaper than hiring a full-time receptionist, and it allows you to get on with your day safe in the knowledge that all enquiries are being answered. Your business reputation will improve, your customer service levels will be first-class and your conversion rate should increase in no time.

"Making your customers feel valued and respected isn't something that you should only 'try' to do, it should be something that you ensure you do!"

The Office Genie have been taking calls on behalf of many other businesses for more than ten years and can offer you the security you need to keep your business alive. For more information about our call handling packages please call Genie Danielle on 01604 529170, we promise we'll answer!

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