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I Heard It On The Grapevine

Well, the radio actually ...

Posted on: 20/05/2013   By: Jacqui Frost

I heard an advert on the radio the other day aimed at small business owners. It was promoting a service to connect your business line to your mobile so that you were free to go out, rather than be chained to your desk waiting for calls ...

i heard it on the grapevine ... well, the radio actually

i heard it on the grapevine ... well, the radio actually

It seems like a real benefit; the ability to be out and about and still answering your phone with your clients none the wiser. So you can catch up with some of your networking contacts or pop out for lunch with the wife, safe in the knowledge that the calls will be coming through on your mobile. After all, 70% of callers will hang up rather than talk to your answering machine, but now they will get you as your calls arrive on your mobile.

There are several suppliers out there that offer this service (I'm being careful as I'd hate to inadvertently be caught advertising like the X Factor!). I would, however, like to point out that actually this service doesn't solve the problem at all! If you are like a couple of the Genies, then being without your mobile phone is like having a limb amputated, so the chances are high that your mobile will always be about your person somewhere. But this doesn't increase the likelihood of you answering the calls from the 70% does it?

Well of course it does, you might be forgiven for thinking, after all, if they are now connecting to my mobile I can answer it every time, because I always keep my mobile in my left trouser pocket (or handbag).

Every time? Let's just think about this for a second. You are meeting a prospective client for the first time and are trying to create a good impression so what do you do with your mobile? Well, at the very least, I suspect that you switch it to silent so you are not distracted, but sometimes you can still see it flash as a message pops up so perhaps switching it off completely will ensure that you can focus on your client?

What about that trip to lunch with the wife? Your intention was probably to remind her of the benefits of working for yourself and to treat her to a thank you for all the time you've been neglecting her of late. So how well does it go down when you answer the phone before you've even had chance to look at the menu? Let me tell you from my own experience - not very well!

So if there are still times when you won't be able to answer the phone, your callers will still reach an answer machine - albeit the one the mobile telephone companies like to call Voice Mail! And how many callers hang up when they reach an answering machine? That's right 70%!

My point is it doesn't matter which phone is ringing; your landline or your mobile, 70% of people will hang up if a real person doesn't answer the call. So if you are going to be unavailable, it's worth investing in a Virtual Receptionist to answer your calls, isn't it?

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I had a successful 20-year career as an office manager and personal assistant; however, my job was no longer focused on the customers and became all about the numbers. My customer-focused background began when I was 12 in my father's independent carpet showroom. I had a spell with Marks & Spencer before I moved into office-based jobs. I have worked as a training administrator, a PA and PA/office manager in a variety of industries from manufacturing to the IT education sector.

Meanwhile, my husband Ian, a successful Northampton based Master Decorator and owner of Rainbow Frost, was losing out on work due to missed phone calls. When he was busy, callers were getting his voicemail but weren't leaving messages. I knew how to fix that problem!

I quit my job and took on Ian as the first client of The Office Genie in November 2005. Word quickly spread with the second client coming on board just one week later. The majority of our clients since have come to us through word of mouth recommendations and networking referrals. Over the years, I have become well connected in Northampton and Milton Keynes.

Outside of work I enjoy swimming, roller skating, the theatre and my cats and dogs!


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