How To Qualify Your Leads

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You've got a great marketing campaign, and it'll be delivered to thousands of your ideal clients. You're a small business owner, so how are you going to qualify your leads?

Running a marketing campaign? Give yourself a break and let The Office Genie qualify your leads!

Running a marketing campaign? Give yourself a break and let The Office Genie qualify your leads!

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It can be a difficult decision. Do you do it yourself in the hope you're going to be able to cope with the influx of telephone enquiries or do you pay a marketing company an enormous amount of cash to do it for you?

"Let me offer you an alternative!"

The Office Genie can do it for you. Yes, answering the phone is what we do, day in day out, for hundreds of businesses of all sizes.

Qualifying leads is exactly the same as responding to a general phone call for you, except instead of just taking a message and passing it on to you, we'll answer questions about your product or service, update your CRM and even send out further marketing materials if needed.

And this will save you a huge amount of time and effort on your part, especially if you're a solo entrepreneur or a small business owner. No need to hire temporary staff, no need to pay for an external marketing company and no need to worry about multiple calls getting answered.

And even more importantly, you're not sitting by the phone waiting for it to ring and can get on with working for your customers and clients as usual.

The Office Genie has a range of call handling packages for you to choose from, and many of our own clients love us so much they've been using our services for the past 10 years.

Qualifying leads is a natural extension to our service. It's easy to set up. Just a bit of information from you, and we'll take care of the rest for you

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If you're planning a marketing campaign and are expecting a significant number of enquiries, talk to The Office Genie on 01604 529170 about qualifying leads for you and let us sprinkle a little bit of magic into your business world.

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