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How To Provide A Uniform Service

Does your business have many different owners?

Posted on: 17/01/2013   By: Jacqui Frost

I took part in a talk last week about Image covering ''how to present the best possible front to your customers and your prospects at every opportunity''. As a team we covered personal and corporate image, both online and offline - and, of course - over the telephone ...

a friendly and knowledgeable voice on the end of the telephone immediately inspires trust

a friendly and knowledgeable voice on the end of the telephone immediately inspires trust

Whether you are a small one man band or a large conglomerate, the way the telephone is answered will influence a prospective client. Those first few words can set the tone for the relationship; sounding distracted can make you seem unfocused. Regardless of your sleek corporate image and impressive customer focused website, your telephone manner can cut through all that.

But let's take this one step further. You've got your image nailed right down to the perfect voice on reception, asking the right sort of questions, passing them through to the best people passionate about their subject. However as a Franchise, the handling of that client will be done by the local business owner, so how can you be certain that the call is handled professionally and that your brand is properly represented?

There are a number of reasons that a Franchise might choose to work with a Telephone Answering Service and Virtual PA. We work with a number of Franchises, both with the Head Office and with local Franchisees to provide the following benefits:

  • We can provide a consistent approach regardless of which branch the client is calling

  • Because we know the brand, training new Franchisees is easier as part of the training has already been done

  • By taking enquiries for the national office it allows the support team to focus on supporting existing Franchisees and the recruitment team to focus on recruiting new Franchisees

  • If you tell us what you are looking for, we can ask the right questions to "sort the wheat from the chaff" for you, separating the idle enquiries from the serious ones saving you time and hassle

  • Sometimes Franchisees are only able to commit part time to their new business and using our service allows them to grow their business to the point where they can work at it full time

  • By offering call handling, diary management and secretarial/admin support to the Franchisees, they do not need to worry about high staff costs and yet do not need to do everything themselves

The impact which our Telephone Answering and Virtual PA service has is amazing. Not only is the prospective client immediately greeted by someone with a great telephone manner, but also someone who can answer their basic questions straight away. This offers them great customer service from the off, immediately increasing their feeling of trust in the company and so building your credibility. By acting as your receptionist, we can make a one man band seem like a much larger and therefore a highly reliable company.

What sort of image are you presenting over the phone?

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