How To Make More Sales In Business

The simple way to convert more leads into customers ...


If you plan to grow your business this year, at some point you'll probably consider how you can make more sales. In turn, you may run a new marketing campaign, launch a new product, or even encourage your existing customers to spend more ...

And whilst these are all appropriate steps to take if you want to make more sales in business, there may be something more fundamental that you're overlooking.

Let me tell you what this is ...

What steps do you take to make more sales?

I've found that many businesses overlook one crucial aspect when looking for more customers. They don't make it easy for customers to get in touch because they don't answer their phones! Now there are lots of reasons for this oversight. For example:

  • A tradesperson may be up a ladder and be physically unable to pick up

  • A small business owner may be in a meeting

  • A service provider may wish to be undisturbed

In fact, the reason for missing a call could be even more straightforward ... for example, a toilet break, taking another call, or even forgetting to switch your phone on in the morning!

It's a common oversight

Now you may think it's, 'OK' to miss the occasional call, but I think this approach is sloppy.

Being unavailable doesn't make the best first impression and could negatively affect your reputation. But perhaps more importantly, a missed call could prove very costly ... especially if you lose a sale.

Think about it ... a prospect may see your leaflet, land on your sales page via a Google ad, be tempted by your direct mail offer (and any number of marketing strategies). And if that person then calls for information (or to place an order), they expect the advertised number to be answered.

So if you fail to pick up when a prospect is in 'hot buying mode', there's a real risk the sale will be lost. This is a crazy practice - especially when you've done all the hard work to get a customer to call in the first place! You see if you don't answer your phone - in person - your business growth plans suffer and the return on your marketing investment is reduced.

And no ... you haven't got it covered with your answerphone.

You can't rely on your answerphone

My husband is a master decorator. Like many tradespeople, it's impractical for him to answer his phone for a large chunk of the day. But he doesn't rely on his answerphone, because he knows that some people don't like to leave messages. And anyway, life happens ... something else can crop up, or the caller could forget or change their mind.

Does this sound familiar?

If so, it pays to make the decision to never miss a call. And the easiest way to make this happen is to invest in a Call Handling service. As a result, you'll be free to concentrate on your work while someone else (that you trust) takes responsibility for picking up your calls.

Call Handling tips

When you decide to outsource your Call Handling, be sure to do your homework.

Ideally, you want a professional service, which can answer your phone just like a member of your staff. That way, your caller gets the best possible service while your business makes a great first impression.

At The Office Genie we aim to answer your phone with the same care and attention as you. Whether we're taking a simple message, booking a time for a return call, or even answering common questions, this additional resource will help boost the efficiency and performance of your Call Handling.

In turn, you get the confidence you need to ensure you NEVER miss a call again. And I bet you end up making more sales as a result.

How do you ensure you never miss a call? Please let me know in the comments below. And if you want to speak with a Genie, just ring 01604 529170 and see how quickly we pick up!

Until next time ...



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